Ray Comfort, Marketing To The Deluded

I’ve been getting Twitter recommendations on what their algorithm thinks might interest me and Ray Comfort is popping up regularly with the promotion of his movie The Atheist Delusion, a take on Richard Dawkin’s book The God Delusion.


The theme of the marketing and the movie is apparently destroying a person’s lack of belief with one devastating question. I guess Ray is attempting to be humorous (?) with this ad and other tag lines, but I’ve never known someone Christian or Atheist to be  so susceptible to influence that it only takes one question to change their mind. In the era of social media and online debates, I would say it’s intellectually insulting to both sides of the debate. It’s also unlikely Ray knows what science is. But I guess from the perspective of Twitter wars and YouTube takedowns and Facebook brawls, it’s all in good fun. Let’s just remember that if Ray truly believes in a sky god and a literal interpretation of The Bible then the delusion is all his.

To be fair, as this is going to be released on YouTube, video YouTubers like to use hyperbole to get our attention, including atheists with vid titles like: “Most Brutal Hitch Slap Ever!” “Neil deGrasse Tyson Destroys Bill O’ Reilly!” And on and on.

However, per Ray Comfort’s ad, about Atheism’s days being numbered, atheists and others who identify as unbelievers are on the rise. It may be time to just accept that the world is changing and it’s moving away from “assumed truth” into a healthy debate about what is actually true and what is not and what it means to be a Christian. Ray should realize his brand of Christianity is fading away. I thought for him and his fundie ilk that this would be a good thing because the more unbelievers and “fake Christians” there are would mean that The End Days would be upon us. Him and Kirk Cameron can fly up into the sky and thank God for making bananas so easy to peel.

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