Real Easter Eggs That Say Jesus for Christian Kids

Jesus gets product placement with the “The Real Easter Egg.” Brought to you by the Meaningful Chocolate Company, because even chocolate has to be Christianized. The Easter eggs are meant to remind you that Easter is about Jesus and not another church ploy to supplant a pagan holiday.

Christian Today reports that in the UK supermarkets refused to stock “The Real Easter Egg” until a campaign with the support of the Church of England’s Bishop of Manchester made the news. They then hesitantly agreed to give it a trial run, not wanting to appear biased against religion. Early mail orders for the product show interest as more than 70,000 boxes were requested.

If you visit The Real Easter Egg website you’ll get some fascinating info on the holiday of Easter such as: “…many believe that chocolate eggs represent the boulder that sealed his tomb.” And “Easter is all about cute bunnies, fluffy chicks and eating too much chocolate, right? Well, not quite. We happen to think it’s a bit more meaningful than that.”

Alright, let’s see if we can add some perspective. I’m not against one religion trying to take over someone else’s holiday–really I’m not. I think atheists should do it too. But I am against misinformation or confusing the fact that Easter has pagan origins.

According to, “The word “Easter” is named after Eastre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring. A festival was held in her honor every year at the vernal equinox.” Therefore Christians shouldn’t even be using the word Easter, it should be Christ-centered such as “Resurrection Day” or “Christ Zombie” day.
In regards to eggs representing the tombstone that was rolled away? Again, per the information found on, the Easter rabbit was believed to be a spirit, once called the Easter Hare instead of Rabbit. Easter Hares/Rabbits had so many multiple births that they became a symbol of fertility. “The custom of an Easter egg hunt began because children believed that hares laid eggs in the grass.” The Romans believed that all life came from an egg and Christians thought eggs were the seed of life and therefore a symbol of the resurrection of Christ. goes back even further saying that the Easter Rabbit is from the time of Babel–the Tower of Babel. “The rabbit is well known as a sexual symbol of fertility. In various parts of the world, religions which developed from Babel also associate the rabbit with periodicity, both human and lunar (Egypt, China, etc.). As you may remember, the Mother Goddess Semiramis (Easter) is associated with the Moon. In other words, the Easter bunny symbolizes the Mother Goddess. Annual Spring time fertility rituals are associated worship of the Mother Goddess and Tammuz, the reincarnation of her husband Nimrod.
In regards to the egg, Meaningful Chocolate should review this statement from “Easter egg activities have become a part of Western culture. Many would be surprised and even dismayed to learn where the traditions originated.” They then trace the egg to Babylon as a sacred symbol. It reflects the mythology that an egg fell from heaven into the Euphrates River and the Goddess Astarte (Easter) was hatched. So the egg represents a pagan goddess.
Even more interesting is the site The Restored Church of God which notes a mistranslation where Easter was inserted into scripture when it should have been The Passover (see Acts, chapter 12, KJV). Funny, I thought the Bible was perfect? Oh right, the original writings are, but not the translations…and we don’t have any of the originals in existence.
I say feel free to let your kids play with pagan symbols. If you want to attempt to revise their origins to make them mean a tombstone then it’s silly, but I can see not wanting to give up on pagan fun. Certainly I see no harm in atheist kids doing it, but I’m hoping freethinking parents will make it educational by explaining that true origins of Easter and not some product’s bastardized version of it.
I was unable to find any interpretation that Easter Eggs represent Christ’s tombstone (feel free to comment if you have a link or more information). Fact is, my searches kept leading me to Christian sites warning that Easter was a pagan holiday unfit for Christians. Yeah, and atheists get chastized for celebrating Easter by stupid Christians. How come so many Christians don’t know their religious facts? I mean I feel pretty incompetent as a freethinking atheist when it comes to knowing science, but looking up the origins of Easter and Christmas takes seconds. I’ve heard this arrogant proclamation from the pulpit as well as personal remarks on supposedly hypocritical atheists–sorry Christians, we’re on equal footing. The pagans were here first and we’re both just making their holidays our own.
SIDENOTE: While I disgree with the message, the motives of “The Real Easter Egg” producers are pretty good in that they use FairTrade practices and charity donations. Have to give kudos where kudos are due.

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