Richard Dawkins Subscribe List, Impact the Decision Makers

As the old analogy goes: Organizing atheists is like herding cats. But the Richard Dawkins Foundation is making the attempt.

A recent email campaign is aiming for 100,000 subscribers to the RDF newsletter. I hit subscribe and received:

Your subscription is confirmed! Now we need to hit 100,000 signups by October 31 to impact decision-makers and media across the globe, to help us support our existing projects in science and secularism — and the ones we’re about to announce.

If you’re an agnostic, atheist, sick of religion, science enthusiast or a general skeptic of religion and the supernatural, you may want to subscribe. In particular, America is always a battleground for science education. While atheists never agree (Have you seen the forums? We rip each other apart.) there will be some common ground. It sounds like a good step in the right direction to add some muscle to an overall viewpoint that reason and science is what the next generation needs, not superstition.

If interested:

You can subscribe to the RDF newsletter or visit the Richard Dawkins Foundation website.

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