Romanian Witches Fined for Bad Predictions

From, read about the Danube hex in January

From, witches in Romania have to make good on their psychic predictions or they will be fined. Now the term “witches” is being used in this article, but they are specifically referring to “soothsayers” and “fortune tellers.” I only point that out because “witch” can mean several different things from peaceful Wiccans to our pop culture pointy-nose stereotypes.

It seems that the Romanian government, due to the bad economy, has found another revenue source. Besides the fines, in the previous month tax laws were put on the books to get in on the money earned from the gullible–yes, witches are taxed like the rest of us. Did any of the soothsayers and fortune tellers predict this? Maybe not but they did try to use their hexing abilities by dumping mandrake into the Danube in order to poison government officials (how ridiculous is that?)

To be honest, I like the idea. It seems to me that if you’re going to sell a service, the service should work. If psychics make a prediction and it doesn’t come true, you get your money back. If the psychic has a history of just not getting it right every time, they get their psychic license to practice revoked.

The rest of us have to prove our abilities in the real world, why shouldn’t they? It’s not like they’re selling some abstract theology–it’s a commercial service, and in the USA we see late night ads for these services alongside other infomercials.

As for taxes, I can’t stand them, but if I have to pay them so should they. Hell, so should religion, but that’s a different battle.

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