San Diego Christian Film Festival with Corbin Bernsen

Pack your bags, The San Diego Christian Film Festival is coming on Dec 27 through the 30th featuring guests as esteemed as Corbin Bersen. It’s another starting point for Christian Hollywood–film festivals are important for promotion. The first couple of years for a new festival are usually weak, I’m sure, but as word gets around it will build up. I would guess with the star power this one has some potential.

Unfortunately, I was sad to see Corbin Bernsen on the list supporting this nonsense as he stars in one of my favorite shows Psych, but I am also not one to discriminate against talent simply because of beliefs. Yes, I will make fun of the beliefs, however, Corbin is great as a crotchety ex-cop/father on his USA Network show. It seems more and more Christian celebs are coming out of the closet. Fair enough! No one should feel like they should have to hide from perceived prejudice. I like people who are open with their views even if I disagree with them.

If you visit the official website for The SanDiego Christian Film Festival you can see the list of films being presented in several different categories. I remember the days of visiting Christian Supply in Oregon to rent some badly shot videos pretending to be movies. Christian filmmaking has come a long way. Standouts on the list are:

Jesus Freaks – A documentary about a gunman who opened fire on a Youth with a Mission dorm in Denver, CO. Two people killed and two injured. The true story follows the aftermath with John Murphy and his school of snowboarders as they deal with the tragedy.

Rwanda: Hope Rises – Included in the International Documentary category, the film focuses on one couple who survives the Rwanda genocide. If you saw Hotel Rwanda (2004) you know how brutal and disturbing this subject matter is. It shows prejudice is not always about skin color.

The Desperate – A short film about one rainy night in a Nazi concentration camp. A Nazi general has to plead with a Jewish doctor to save his dying son. I’m curious about this one to see if it has a Christian spin or if the film festival is content with leaving it as a Jewish film. Hard to tell from the description if it makes mention of the New Testament God or sticks to the OT God. Another reason I would like to see this one is that I am a WW2 history buff.

El Salon Mexico – An animated short about a boy who escapes out of his house to go to his first fiesta. His companions are a burro and rooster and before the night is through they travel through a scary forest, face a bully, try to understand poverty, and survive a raging flood. Sounds ambitious for an animated short.

The Jesus Accounts – A short documentary on the evidence for the gospels. Not content to concede that there are no extant gospel originals to find out if we got the correct translations, they explore the oldest extant fragment they have–evidence for the Gospel of John. It’s called Papyrus P52 or St. John’s Fragment.  No word on if they’ll discuss why the gospels conflict with each other and the extant eyewitness testimony of Lazarus raising from the dead and various other miracles. Still, could be interesting.

Well, we wish the competition luck. Too bad Freethunk can’t get preview copies for review purposes, but I’m not sure they want atheists reviewing these films to begin with. No worries. They’ll become available soon enough.

2 thoughts on “San Diego Christian Film Festival with Corbin Bernsen

  1. To whom it might concern
    First and foremost, thanks for the PR. I have a film I directed that will be in the festival “Rust” and we need all the noise we can get. Next, and more importantly, don’t assume everyone who has a movie with a message of faith is bound to the definition of being “a christian,” or “born again.” I have tried to simply live a decent life, perhaps one someone as profound as Jesus might have thought “pretty cool.” I don’t attach myself to definitions and clearly I’m not afraid to state that, or conversely say that I believe in God and His incredible creation that we all get to enjoy. I hope you have a chance to see my film, but I beg of you, either way, PLEASE don’t put me in a box. And certainly one with a label on it. I”m just tying to live the good life like everyone else and more often than not, especially through nature, see the wonder of it all.

  2. my name is paul I was just in San Diego this year for work,,, (I have a Ristotante in Trentino (Italy). remember that I happened to pass right in front of this festival and so I tried to come in and meet him .. . was really impressed at how well it was organized this festival and then the quality of the films.
    Virrei still so much to be there .. =)

    thanks for the lovely evening spent

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