Say Good-Bye To The Science Channel For Good

What the fuck is this doing on Science Channel?

While I believe we have better television programming options than we did in the past, the curse of commercial TV channels are they are always looking for a larger market share. If the numbers aren’t met, the powers that be look for new ways to find a bigger audience at the expense of our brains. In the case of Science Channel, they have now reduced their channel name to “Sci” and are featuring the J.J. Abrams show Fringe. How this makes any sense for dedicated science enthusiasts is beyond me? The end result will be to alienate actual science geeks and replace them with plain ol’ geeks who don’t know the difference between cryptozoology and zoology.

The cult favorite series Firefly and Stephen Hawking’s Sci-Fi Masters are also in the line-up for Science Channel. I question why Stephen Hawking, of all people, would be supporting this move to fictionalize Science Channel with fantasy when there are so many stories that could be told about scientists themselves and their discoveries behind the scenes or at the very least the science behind science fiction? Instead, he is slapping his name on full dramatizations of science-fiction (is Stephen Hawking equating himself with Ray Bradbury?).  I also didn’t mind series on the Discovery Networks that explored speculations on future creatures of evolution, alien evolution, and how life would be when all humans have disappeared. These show ideas all had an element of scientific ideas with various scientists consulting and giving opinions on what would be rational or what would be fantasy. By embracing science fiction fantasy, especially shows on psychic abilities or ghosts or UFO probings, on what was a dedicated science channel the network lowers the science IQ of the general public.

My stake in all this is that I’m a science enthusiast with a poor education in that field who is constantly trying to correct a public school education with a religious background so when I turn to Science Channel my expectations are to see a show produced with scientific consultation. If Science Channel is going to start featuring fiction then what’s the point? I have access to a buttload of science fiction movies far superior then what they are offering and  I much rather watch them on Netflix or DVD uncensored and unedited then on commercial TV where my immersion into another world is constantly interrupted.

I suspect within a short time by truncating Science Channel to Sci that we will see the channel become Sci-Fi 2–or excuse me, Syfy 2 (since The Sci-Fi Channel decided it couldn’t spell and is now Syfy). Even if they keep the name Sci I know the content will continue to suffer. Let’s be clear, I’m not against science fiction, I’m a fan of it, but I’m not a fan of Syfy Channel (mainly because of the obnoxious ghost hunting shows) or now the newly named Sci (Science Channel).

Blurring the line between real science and poorly written science fiction that embraces the fringe is the last thing we need with pseudoscience nuts making money off a gullible public. Instead of bastardizing Science Channel with inappropriate fiction to increase ad revenue how about they simply find new revenue by splitting up The Syfy Channel (which is fiction based already) so we have the different genre channels: Syfy Cheeze for all the bad films we love because they’re just plain bad (and the new B movies being made), Syfy Hard (ha, maybe not, but something that emotes hard science-fiction), Syfy Drama for  relatively good fiction series with more focus on characters and Syfy Classic for B/W movies and old TV series. Then for all the supposed reality shows for ghosts and mythological creatures that haven’t been found yet we can do Syfy Lobotomy.

Not surprisingly, in the afternoon, I tried watching Animal Planet with a special on prairie dogs and eventually turned it off because of the constant plugs for the series Finding Bigfoot. The text never disappeared from the screen when the prairie dog special was on and then when commercial time came viewers were inundated with repetitive  previews of the cryptozoology show that felt pretty damn similar to every ghost hunting show ever put on the air (shitty horror music scores, blurred photos, eerie noises, creeped-out idiots, and no skeptical experts).

Basically, Discovery Networks line-up of channels has been going to shit for awhile now. The good news may be that this opens up new avenues for real science enthusiasts to get creative and create indie productions online or for Netflix or Amazon. Fuck commercial TV if it is going alienate scientific-minded people and insult their intelligence. The problem with Discovery Channel is it is embracing the lowest common denominator at a time when information is plentiful and the population should becoming smarter and more skeptical. For all of the fantasy they are putting into their programming they lack imagination in how to present science and “reality” in an entertaining way.

3 thoughts on “Say Good-Bye To The Science Channel For Good

  1. Remember- Discovery did a Sarah Palin reality show. Very inappropriate but the owners (Viacom I think) are totally dedicated to the dollar. And all about catering to the stupidest among us as well. Viacom had no problem when a radio morning zoo host on their network of stations told motorists to shoot cyclists; See who’s in charge here?

    Science education of any sort is under attack all over, in disparate ways but its a trend. Somebody thinks its dangerous, apparently.

  2. Yes, read the article. Sci vs Syfy. The line is being blurred. That’s the point.

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