Seth McFarlane, Harvard Humanist for 2011

The Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard has announced that Seth McFarlane has been chosen as the humanist of the year for 2011. He is the creator of Family Guy, the irreverent Fox Series that was resurrected by fans after being canceled as well as being involved in several other animated projects. If you didn’t already know, McFarlane is an atheist, much like his counterpart Matt Groening of The Simpsons, and speaks out on issues of humanism, atheism and gay rights.

The scheduled event is set for June 4th at Memorial Church and tickets are on sale if you live near Harvard.

Don’t know what this award is all about? From the Humanist Chaplaincy website: “For 20 years, the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard has presented the Humanist of the Year award to an individual whose life’s work and personal commitment most exemplified the application of Humanist values in the public arena. ┬áPast recipients have included the first openly nontheistic sitting U.S. congressman Pete Stark (2007); renowned scientists Steven Pinker and E.O. Wilson; and human rights hero General Romeo Dallaire.”

SIDENOTE: McFarlane is still on schedule to revamp The Flintstones. I’m still doubting that project but he’s proved himself before so you never know.

SIDENOTE 2: Here’s video from last year’s event featuring Stephen Fry.

UPDATE: Seth has rescheduled for Fall this year.

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