Sikh Woman Needs to Keep Facial Hair

From Yahoo News, there is an article about a Sikh woman that has decided to let her facial hair grow because of a tenet in her religion that demands it. The woman’s name is Balpreet Kaur and and according to the article “…she is forbidden from altering her body, as it is considered a sacred gift from God.”

The reason this became news is that a user on took a photo of her and posted it. Readers’ comments varied from taunts to confusion to kudos for remaining “natural.”

To clarify first, I don’t believe in taunting anyone and I don’t think it was appropriate to take a picture of a random stranger for the purposes of posting on a social network site. I also am willing to befriend anyone regardless of looks because I have found that after the initial awkwardness the issue goes away as you get to know someone. In addition, I grew up geek with thick glasses and ridiculous hair so who am I to judge? HOWEVER, I don’t believe the body is a sacred gift from any god and the idea of natural is meaningless. Nature is not always a friend which is why this woman has more facial hair than we would expect on a woman. There may very well be a medical issue that a cosmetologist or dermatologistĀ could assist with. We fight nature all the time and there is nothing wrong with getting laser hair removal or taking medication to control the growth of hair.

If this woman’s decision was based on not conforming to cultural standards then that would make more sense–plenty of rebellious women do that–but to base it on God wanting you to have facial hair? That’s ridiculous. I also see nothing wrong in beautifying yourself as long as you’re keeping a balance between the exterior and the interior. Some beautiful women turn out to be absolutely ugly because they have horrible personalities. They’re pretty much good for sex and nothing else (I know that’s a callous remark, but…). Other beautiful women have taken the time to be intellectuals and not let men dominate conversations of importance on subjects like science, politics and religion. I find this sexy. I am also a sucker for a woman in glasses (beautiful nerds!).

Some of us were not born beautiful. Why do we have to accept that? It’s good to have confidence in who you are and there are extremes to modifying your face and body, but as medical science progresses it is going to become easier and easier to fix nature’s flaws. No one should feel guilty about doing that and no one should think there’s a god judging them for not accepting His “design” mistakes. If you feel more comfortable in your odd natural appearance, then that’s fine too. We have some great character actors who wouldn’t be what they are without a unique face.

It all comes down to personal choice, not religion dictating how we should look. I feel bad for Miss Kaur in that she’s been tricked into thinking this way.


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