Singing Nun An Embarrassment

This nun can justify singing Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” all she wants. All I see is someone who wants to be a star with a recording contract and while sacred art may be an illusion, this certainly shatters any feel of the sacred. What’s the point of being a nun? To have the church support you until you hit it big? You’re a novelty, another reason why unbelievers don’t see a reason to join your church. Feel free to be “of the world.” If you were more sincere you would have walked away as a nun first and then started your dream of being a singer. But then it wouldn’t be a novelty if you weren’t a nun, would it?

BTW: “Like a Virgin” is about sex–Madonna’s whole career is about sex. There are only a few artists I know who can change the meaning of a song (Johnny Cash did it with “Personal Jesus”) and you are not it. All I see is a virgin (if that) singing about being touched for the very first time. But then who knows what nuns do behind closed doors.


One thought on “Singing Nun An Embarrassment

  1. I couldn’t understand this article. I had to do a search. This woman was a phenomenon in the Italian franchise of The Voice. Her name is Cristina Scuccia. Reference:

    It is more embarrassing than you stated. She did “Flashdance” with dancers dressed like monks who threw off the habits and continues dancing in tan suits. This whole thing seems like a self satire.

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