Skeptics Music Mix, Free Downloads

One of the goals of this site is to bring some sanity back into your life when you’ve been bombarded with the message that you, as a freethinker–whether you’re atheist, agnostic, deist or an undefined unbeliever–are intolerant for not being open minded to accept everyone else’s beliefs. These are beliefs that can range from an all powerful creator god to new age interpretations of the universe to everyday hokum. That is why I continue to use the slogan, “You’re Not Crazy, They Are.”

In keeping with that theme,, the official site of Michael Shermer’s Skeptic Magazine, has a page of song downloads with titles like “Evolution Rocks, ” “P.T. Barnum,” Rattlesnake Oil,” and one song simply called “Skeptic.” Yes, these are novelty songs, more meant for young teens, but they’re still fun for a quick listen.

There’s also an open invitation to submit your own song to the collection if you have a band or like to produce indie music. Looking through the song list, you might think skepticism and music would be a dead end after a couple of ideas, but there is a lot to cover such as a tribute song to Mary Anning, the self-taught woman who discovered the first plesiosaur. I’m not suggesting that we necessarily need skeptic bands, but we can recognize many of the individual songs that come from indie artists or even more popular artists which buck the system by avoiding yet another love song.

Take some time to stop by the site and download for your iPod or Mp3 player or play them in the car for your family road trip. If you think you can do better, that’s the idea–come up with your own tune.

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