‘Slimed’ Movie Features Atheist Park Ranger

One of the problems with writing on Atheism and movies is that the news on them is hard to find or isn’t highly visible (unless you’re talking about controversy like the ill-fated Golden Compass) so I always feel like I’m catching up. This site also just relaunched at the end of 2010 after some hibernation. But when I do find these atheist movies or movies with atheist characters, I’m still going to highlight them as they could be undiscovered treasures (or complete bombs). I found Slimed, The Movie by way of Atheist Movies Blogspot. And while reading the brief article I realized that the producers of the film provided the entire movie to the site for you to watch online? Wow!

From the official site: “An atheist park ranger and a bible salesman find themselves in an unlikely partnership, thrown into the wilderness, where they stumble upon a sinister and slimey conspiracy that threatens to destroy not just the woods – but the entire world.”

Sounds like B-movie fun. Doubtful that this movie adds any meaningful conversation to the discussion of atheism, but what the hell. I’m all for a little clowning around. I plan to check it out later this week and may even review it.

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