Snakes in the Garden of Eden

I know this video is morbid but that is the repetitive theme of God’s killer animal designs. Anacondas either evolved to kill or were designed to kill. With all of their special abilities I always find it interesting that the focus of intelligent or creationist design is on something cute like a giraffe or magnificent like an orca, but not on the design aspects of predators that really do damage to their prey. Is this the design of a caring god? Or mindless evolution? Was this snake in the Garden of Eden or did this snake come about from a relative in the Garden of Eden which lost its legs and was damned to slither for talking to the first woman? Creationists need to provide these theories in addition to criticizing evolution.

Maybe these theories already exist. Please post links in the comments with relevant information if they do. We’re looking at God’s design for predators or how Sin Theory twisted God’s design into creatures that kill? Fossil evidence from the first snake in eden to this amazing anaconda above or simply a statement that the anaconda was in the Garden of Eden (even some speculation would be acceptable). Because what would this thing swallow in Eden? Eggs? Well, technically that’s still death and creationists say there was no death. Cantaloupes, coconuts, big melon-like fruits? Some sort of vegetable? Something else I’m not thinking of? Honestly, these are fair questions considering the claims being made.

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