‘Snitched’ Christian Sci-Fi Movie Explores Privacy

Not really sure where Snitched, the upcoming Christian science fiction movie from Cross Shadow Productions is going with their privacy theme. The trailer suggests the end of confidentiality and the recording of anything and everything from our personal lives. One of the lines from the trailer says: “No information will ever be safe again – confidentiality will be lost.” I’m familiar with this type of paranoia as I just watched Grant Jeffrey’s The Final Warning, an outdated semi-documentary from 1995 on how the government has access to more and more of our personal information and will use it against us. This feeds into “End Times” beliefs and the coming of the Anti-Christ.

I’m all for privacy, but I sometimes wonder if we are over-concerned with it. Certainly medical records and financial records should stay private, but I also know there are concerns about video cameras being placed on street corners and in public parks, etc. Penn Jillette once made an interesting comment that he was for video cameras being placed everywhere as long as we all had access to the video feeds. In other words, they wouldn’t be government controlled, anyone could watch. Now this is only for public places and would not be required of private businesses or the homes of individuals, but the idea is that if you know everyone is watching you are less likely to commit a crime. Fact is, because of our society’s increased exposure I would suspect this may be part of the explanation that violent crime is declining. Per Wiki: “Over the past thirty years, the crime rate rose throughout the 1980s, reached its peak in 1993 and then began to decrease throughout the 1990s and 2000s.”

Unfortunately, we will probably see an increase in cyber crime such as identity theft–can’t win, but I’d rather have my ID stolen online than beaten and robbed in the street.

Per ChristianCinema.com, Snitched is in the process of casting so the above trailer is more conceptual than anything the real film might show. CC also says the description of the movie is “clean, fun, adrenaline thrill-ride.” If I’m thinking about the theme of privacy I want to feel the threat of being exposed. It seems to me that “clean” is the last word you would use. We’re afraid of others finding out our dirty secrets or we’re really afraid of others seeing us naked, masturbating, fornicating, picking our nose, etc. What we do when we think we’re alone is embarrassing and in the Internet/YouTube age I would suggest part of this film idea would be to have a character caught in a sordid act and it would be broadcast. …But then, as usual, it would mean this couldn’t be a family film.

Cross Shadow Productions has a library of films with titles like Pray and Pray 2: The Woods (an adaptation of James Dobson’s classic book Dare to Discipline where parents refuse to spare the rod and whip their kids with newly stripped tree branches–just kidding). Cross Shadow seems to be aiming for suspense and Sci-Fi genres, possibly horror though I shudder at the thought of “clean” horror (the horror!).

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