Spam Does In Suicide Bomber

When I was shown this story originally I said, “Check to make sure it isn’t a hoax.” It just sounded too good to be true. So far I haven’t found any information to suggest this is nothing but the ridiculous truth–and you can thank spam for once.

The article is on’s Technolog and says that a Russian woman with the nickname “The Black Widow,” who was suspected of being involved in a previous bombing at Moscow’s Domodevo airport, was getting ready for another attack planned for Red Square on New Year’s Eve. She received a spam text message wishing her a happy new year hours earlier. Unfortunately for her, she was using the same wireless device as her detonator and the text somehow activated the bombs without her knowledge.

Spam blew her up–literally!

You can imagine the comments being posted on Facebook, because this is where we found the original link to the story. I suppose we shouldn’t take delight in death, but I think it is excusable this one time. Most of us are just damned tired of suicide bombers.

SIDENOTE: I went searching for more information on this Russian “Black Widow” and I find this unrelated story of another woman dubbed “Black Widow” who was put on trial for raping 10 men. The tenth victim didn’t want to press charges because he enjoyed being assaulted by the woman. It’s a strange world…

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