Stephen Baldwin Versus Kevin Costner

This is just a weird one and the only reason I’m noting it is I like to keep tabs on what Stephen Baldwin is up to. Apparently Baldwin is suing Kevin Costner over an investment in a device that BP used to clean up their giant oil spill. According to, Costner and a business partner “duped” Baldwin and friend out of shares for an $18 million dollar deal that involved “oil-separating centrifuges” from a company they formed after the big spill happened. In other words, Costner and his business partner and Baldwin and his friend formed a company that somehow sold these devices. At least that’s my understanding if I’m reading it right. The company’s name was Ocean Therapy Solutions.

The story goes that Stephen Baldwin and friend were not invited to the table when Costner and fellow business partner negotiated a 52 million dollar deal with BP executive Doug Suttles. Doug Suttles put down an $18 million dollar deposit down on the arrangement. Obviously, this would be good information for Baldwin and friend to know.

But they didn’t, and they sold their shares in the company for 1.4 million and 500,000. That’s a bit of  a loss. The lawsuit contends that Baldwin and friend should get a piece of the 18 million due to not disclosing that amount beforehand.

Isn’t it nice to see how the BP oil spill brings actors together to exploit it for profit?

Actually, that’s often how technology gets implemented. It just seems unfair considering all the coastal region residents who lost their livelihoods while two wealthy actors jump on the opportunity to turn a buck. Hopefully, they’ve considered making donations to the people affected. It’s not going to be a fun holiday for a lot of those hard-working folk.

BTW: Stephen Baldwin’s website boasts his new comic book The Remnant and a host of other Christian products and ministries. I added it to my list to wade through. Yes, that’s why I ‘m keeping tabs on what he’s up to. Just curious how all of his ministry projects are funded (donations or business deals?).

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