Stephen Fry on Pascal’s Wager

Pascal’s Wager is so pervasive in Christian apologetics that many Christians don’t even know who Pascal is, but they sure know the argument. It is such a disingenuous argument as it is the equivalent of fire insurance. Why would the God, as described by the Bible, be so gullible as to accept your lame acceptance of him in such a manner?

As an atheist, I would ask that if at the end of your life, you realize Christianity is untrue then you’ve wasted your life. I would further put to you that all of the money poured into religious institutions that is not directly used for charity, is also a waste. This should have been money that should have gone to proper institutions of learning, or just more charity. OR towards pushing science further along in order to find even more ways to feed the starving. Christian donations have served to uphold numerous frauds and pompous preachers and religious leadership is nothing like the wandering, homeless Jesus depicted in the Bible.

One thought on “Stephen Fry on Pascal’s Wager

  1. All that Pascal’s Wager truly states is that if you have two equally likely options, and one is more beneficial to you, you are justified to take that option. This is a perfectly reasonable stance to take although it does not prove anything one way or the other.

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