Stripper Poles for Jesus

I sometimes have to wonder about the intelligence of certain Christians, but I guess if everything is up for grabs in the name of Christ then why not “Pole Dancing for Jesus.”

ABC News reports the entrepreneurial Crystal Dean in Texas has actually started an exercise shop for Christians to pole dance and get their temples sweaty. How this makes any sense I’m not sure unless you don’t have a problem with what the pole represents–a dick! Pole dancing is symbolic, it is used by strippers to turn men on. Even if you don’t buy into the phallic symbolism what is the purpose of pole dancing? To show off the female body as generally speaking the woman is having her genitals make contact with the pole and spinning around. Many of the moves involve the woman holding the pole between her tight thighs while her arms are free, proving just how strong her legs are and a clear view of the pole going up through the genital area. It’s hard to get away from the sexual aspect of it all.

Christians believe they can claim any territory that once was taboo from rock music to tattoos but this one is a hard sell, even for me. All I see are women who like the art of pole dancing (nothing wrong with that, I’m sure it’s fun) but deny it is erotic. I could see the justification being something like “Pole Dancing for your Godly Husband” but not for Jesus. How do you worship Jesus by wrapping yourself around a pole? See, Crystal is not saying that they are pole dancing for fun or just exercise. She is actually indicating this is somehow spiritual, a type of worship you continue after church. Why does everything have to be for Jesus? Why can’t it just be for the sake of exercise or couples looking to spice up their love lives?

When Crystal goes to heaven I hope she gives Jesus a lap dance.

SIDENOTE: To be fair, pole dancing is competitive and seems to be branching out beyond strip bars. See the video below though and think to yourself,  is this what I imagine a Christian woman doing? Hmm, yeah maybe, but it always ends in dirty thoughts.

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