Superbook, Sucker Kids for God with Games

I was reading CBN News, the website, when I saw the ad for Superbook with all of it’s colorful characters and imagery. I clicked on over and found a very well-designed site for kids to play games on–and learn about God. Such as Professor Quantum’s Q&A Contraption with a robot named Gizmo. The good professor answers all kinds of metaphysical questions. Isn’t it interesting that Christians dress the gospel up in science and technology? This way kids will associate science with God and the Bible and not the secular checks and balances of the true scientific method that has no need for gods.

By the way, Professor Quantum says God lives in Heaven but fails to scientifically explain how God is everywhere? What a lousy professor. Almost as bad as my science teacher in highschool who was also the gym teacher and football coach and obviously didn’t give a hoot about teaching science. He hated us geeks (of course, I must place blame on a guy named Jay Jentzch who was rather annoying in class).

You will also notice the dressing up of mythological characters such as Michael the Archangel looking like a superhero in a latex suit. You can throw in Satan in a super villain costume and the Eden serpent with hands (because God cursed him to crawl on his belly). I have to hand it to Christians for making something old look new–God doesn’t change, Christians change him to fit modern times (that’s sarcasm, btw, lest I be quoted that God exists).

In addition to the games and contests there is Superbook Radio with contemporary Christian music so little kids can bop to God’s message, a flash animated altar call of sorts with the gospel message exhorting kids to accept Christ, and a prayer line that doesn’t say, “Kids, get your parents permission first before calling.” There go the rollover minutes.

This is an amazing propaganda site! And yes, it has Christian Broadcasting News under the copyright who obviously has the funds to hire multiple artists and programmers to make a shiny, slicktackular games site. It’s always interesting that the gospel doesn’t stand on its own and Christians have to use gimmicks to get their Bible messages through to their kids. That’s because generally speaking, the Bible is kind of a snore the way it was written and kids will unfortunately learn it in the gimmicky manner instead of getting the word directly from The Word. Which is why a lot of Christians don’t know how violent and sexually depraved their holy book is.

When you go looking for secular kids sites or humanist kids sites they’re hard to find and not of the same professional quality that Superbook is. Even Discovery Channel’s games site for kids is kind of weak. There is Shermer’s Junior Skeptic but it is more of a plug for the magazine with no interaction. Secular humanists are so underfunded–how is it that Christian viewpoints are persecuted? If you know of a good kid’s site for secular humanism or science, please post the link in comments and give it a plug. As long as it is valid, I’ll approve it.

SIDENOTE: Look at the character design for The Superbook–it has an eyeball in it. Apparently this is the Bible? It reminds me of the Necronomicon book from the movie Evil Dead or some other occult book from a fantasy film. I’m really surprised to see the design approved for CBN.

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  1. I’m a fan of the original anime Superbook, but I do NOT like this new CGI Superbook.

    My biggest problem is the redesign of Chris, Joy and Gizmo; making David ‘a ninja sheperd boy’; the lack of story developement, etc. Of course, I’m only judging it by one episode, but I can tell that it’s not off to a good start. I can tell that they’ve turned it into Robot Chicken without the comedy.

    I’ve actually working on a comic project, called Trouble Shooters; it features revamped versions of Chris, Joy and Gizmo from SB, as well as Justin, Corkey, Humphrey Bumble, etc. from Flying House.

  2. I have found much occult symbolism with superbook. My mom got it for my niece and my sister said this looks like a witches book. I researched some more and I found a video on youtube that was erased after my comments but it was the “theme song” and they open a book and the light comes up like the illumination of the all seeing eye. Not to mention the all seeing eye is on their front cover of the book. And in the video they sing about a “light” not Jesus. So I thought hey maybe Pat just trusted some animator to do the work and didn’t realize the occult in it. Hello discernment? Which leads me to the video you can find on youtube of Terry interviewing pat and his son and pat states “It is a MAJIC book that takes kids to another word.” enough said.

  3. Hello,
    I am actually a fan of the Superbook series. I noticed the title of this article and figured it was probably someone who did not like Superbook. However, your article brings up an interesting point regarding tricking children into believing in God. While I don’t agree with everything you say, here is one verse from the Bible (New Testament) that I think about sometimes, and perhaps you will find interesting:
    2 Corinthians 12:16
    “Be that as it may, I have not been a burden to you. Yet, crafty fellow that I am, I caught you by trickery!”
    ..Now perhaps I am quoting here a bit out of context. I don’t believe I am taking it out of context when I say that there is in fact a sense in which Paul actually “tricked” people into listening to him. Is God perhaps a God of trickery? But what really is trickery? Please you may email me if you wish to continue the discussion because I will not likely arrive at this page again. Best of wishes.

  4. Or maybe its just a fun way for us to teach our children about God without some weird “trickery” involved. That sounds so unbelievably paranoid. Those of us who actually believe in God, believe it or not, actually want to teach our children about it. My kids love Superbook. They have learned tons about the bible and its accounts without them being dumbed down or wrapped up in sparkly kiddy package. Its the only kids bible show that actually presents the bible as it is. Yes I realize that there wasn’t time travel and a red robot back then but as for the actual content of the stories they are the most accurate biblical representations I have seen. Just watch Veggietales and you will see what I mean. On another note, I don’t think science and God are in conflict at all. My grandfather was a nuclear physicist working on nuclear fission reactors and also a devout born again evangelical Christian. He never once felt like these things were in conflict, in fact quite the opposite, he often spoke about how both aspects of his life strengthen the other. He raised his children who then raised their children (myself) with a deep appreciation for science and its methods as well as provided us with good, solid biblical truth. Please stop propagating the idea that these two things must be in conflict. It creates unnecessary division and hostility where there doesn’t need to be any.

  5. Wake up america, my two daughters 8 and 10 years old could see immediately the all seeing eye on the book and the all seeing eye on some kind of thing that opens and light comes out ,looks like a pokemon ball or something.
    But we,the grown ups cannot?! How is this possibile?
    Rember that the devil shows himself as an angel of light To disceit people and now is combining the bible with occult satanic simbols To disceit us.
    This is a very old and very common trick of him.
    Seriously,is there any reason To put an eye on a bible!?!? Come on!! Dont let de devil fool you and go and tea ch your children yourself what the bible is about or watch a biblical movie with them together and spent some quality time with them.
    For it is not cbn’s responsability To teach God’s word To your children but your own!!

    Love you all and i pray and i thank God for blessing all parents with wisdom and awareness in the name of Jezus Christus,amen.
    Greetings from Holland,from a dutch mom.

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