Sylvia Browne, Worst of the Worst

By Jeff Swenson

Is it dump on Sylvia Browne week now? Good! Check out the great article on Huffington Post.

Anyone who knows me knows I can’t stand psychics and I hate hearing, “But it’s entertaining.” What a bunch of bullshit. Is it entertaining to see someone get rich with book deals and TV shows by using cold reading methods and lying to your face that they’re connecting with the spirit world? I find it insulting.

So finally a well known psychic had it bite her in the ass when she predicted that Amanda Berry was dead and she told the grieving mother that she’s not the kind of girl who wouldn’t call home. Of course we now know that Amanda Berry was being held captive for the sick fantasies of 3 brothers in Ohio. Wouldn’t it have been nice of if Sylvia Browne could actually have told her mother and the police what really happened? Or at least say point blank: “I don’t know, I have no communication with your daughter.” Instead she made shit up.

To make it even worse, Amanda’s mom died in 2006 of pancreatitis. Sylvia Browne convinced her that Amanda was dead so she gave up looking for–even as the FBI had not at the time. It may not have made a difference but maybe it would have if her mother had continued efforts to find her. Often family members not giving up until there is a dead body to prove otherwise is why some people are found. The main point, though, is Sylvia Browne fed off of this woman’s grief for the sake of “entertainment.” And fuck Montel Williams too for having her on his show. I’m not surprised to see he’s doing commercials for Money Mutual, helping to exploit people for high interest short-term loans, that’s how low he’s gone.

Sylvia Brown deserves all the criticism and backlash she is now getting. I wish she could be sued for every penny she has as she has made a career out of suckering people, including those mourning the passing of their family members.

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