TBN Marketshare Ahead of NBC, CBS, and ABC?

ChristianNewsWire.com reports that TBN, that’s Trinity Broadcasting Network to the uninformed, ranks 3rd in broadcast ownership, ahead of what was once the 3 biggest networks–ABC, CBS and NBC. The Christian network reaches 102 million households with programming that features praise and worship, the usual sermonizing, but also popular entertainment like music videos, movies, documentaries, and plenty of kids’ shows. TBN started broadcasting all the way back in 1973.

The ranking list was compiled  “through the co-operation of TVNewsCheck.com and M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc.,” and the two broadcasters ahead of TBN were first place ION Media and second place Univision.

Congratulations TBN. While 3rd on the list for broadcast ownership, you’re first on the list for hosting some of the biggest scam artists in TV history.

Isn’t it a bit disconcerting that such a network can obtain such a large marketshare? Again, who are all these gullible people supporting Paul Crouch and his airhead wife Jan?

Well, to embarrass Christians further, I found it disappointing to see Billy Graham’s book Storm Warning as the January “love gift” (as in make a donation and we’ll send you the book, but we make pure profit if we call it a “love gift” because it is tax exampt). Billy Graham’s broadcasts are now appearing on TBN–for all I know this has been going on for quite some time. The reason I say disappointing is that while I disagree with Graham on matters of faith, I thought he had some integrity. I’m learning more and more that he doesn’t. A supposedly “respectable” ministry like Billy Graham Ministries should not be throwing support to TBN and legitimizing the network as a source for mainstream Christianity versus the nuthouse that it is. How can you lump Benny Hinn in with Billy Graham? Billy Graham should be ashamed.

SIDENOTE: There is a conspiracy theory afoot that TBN is actually run by atheists in order to make Christians look stupid.

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