Tea Party Entertainment, ‘Courage, New Hampshire’

The Tea Party isn’t just interested in politics, they want to entertain you with TV shows and movies too. Per ChristianCinema.com, Colony Bay Productions has released Courage, New Hampshire, a one hour drama that premiered at a theater in Monrovia, CA. It’s described as having a soap opera like feel set in colonial America and will promote the values of The Tea Party (which is sometimes hard to pin down since it is fusion of Libertarianism and Christian conservatism).

ChristianCinema.com quotes one of the founders of Colony Bay Productions as saying that Hollywood tends to “depict conservatives and traditionalists and people of faith as halfwits.” I wouldn’t necessarily argue with that, but you have to admit that the faces bowing to or trying to represent The Tea Party haven’t really done much to market intelligence. Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin (who shows up everywhere these days) come to mind. Ron Paul is about as good as it gets even though his anti-abortion stance seems to contradict his anti-government stance and it seems most Tea Partiers don’t understand the idea of legalizing all drugs.

But is historical America underrepresented or is a certain Christian America ideology underrepresented?

Hollywood has put out numerous American historical epics over the years, but maybe they have been more on the violent side as we are obsessed with The Civil War and Mel Gibson’s The Patriot was just Braveheart in America (god, that movie sucked).  America’s past does include Christianity but it also includes a variety of leaders who were hardly what you call Christian like Jefferson or Franklin. They didn’t embrace Christ, they embraced reason or deism. Our historical past is also checkered with injustices towards American Indians, African Americans, the Chinese–oh hell, almost every minority that immigrated or was already here before Columbus. I don’t want to say America is not worthy of praise in many aspects, but let’s balance the praise with some perspective as the truth is much seedier than the illusion usually presented by conservatives. I really hate the idea of Colonial America revisionist propaganda. Historical truth is darker and more interesting.

With that said, the promotional website for episode 1 of Courage, New Hampshire is a trial with what looks to be some conflict about a “bastard child.” In soap opera mode maybe this could be good. I’m suspicious, though, that we could see a bastardization of history for the sake of political or Christian ideology. The past isn’t necessarily reflective of Republican ideals or the ideals of the Democrats or modern Christianity, it’s just different. I think you can dig out some basic principals but you have to be careful not to lay your beliefs on top of history. You’d be surprised at what people believed and advocated because things change and tradition isn’t always a good thing. Even Tea Party women don’t want to give up their birth control and voting rights as an obvious example.

As usual, I’ll wait for Courage, New Hampshire on Netflix, but if you want to see it sooner you can visit their site.

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