Thank Christ for Easter Booze

Always one of my favorite sites to find weird news, The Freethinker UK has a story on the Tom Peppers Pub in Clacton in England and their holiday strategy to sell drinks. They have a promotional sign outside their establishment that reads: “Thank Christ for the Easter Bank Holiday” and advertises a variety of menu items from vodka to Red Bull that will “Bring yourself back to life.” It’s actually a very cute, albeit blasphemous campaign. But we all know the British are cheeky (or at least those with a sense of humour–noticed how I used the British spelling of humor, I’m so hip).

Already the advertisement has gained attention by a somewhat stereotypical little old church lady named Jean Raven (to be fair, we don’t know if she’s little) who contacted the Daily Gazette to express her discontent. Reverend Ben Marlowe of Frinton Free Church followed with his protest which included, “It is also symbolic of a society that is increasingly hellbent on trivialising everything whilst it slowly amuses itself to death.” Would Roger Waters approve of him using that reference? I think the brooding singer would be amused that this is what the good rev considers to be amusing enough to warrant death when we have an entire media treating us to the spectacles of war, famine, tsunamis and any other disaster that catches our attention. For Roger, “amused to death” was about our apathy and ironically God’s apathy (as far as I can tell, musicians are so esoteric with their lyrics).

Michael Denny, the pub owner, says the advertisement is not meant to be offensive. “It doesn’t show Jesus drinking or drunk and just says what we have on offer.” Oh, did we mention that his sign shows a cartoon image of Jesus with his thumbs up. Like I said, cheeky.

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