The Flintstones Return to TV

Yes, per The Hollywood Reporter,  The Flintstones will make a comeback on Fox TV with Seth MacFarlane revamping the series. This just seems like disaster written all over it.

I love The Flintstones myself, from a childhood nostalgia perspective, but it reaffirms an idea that creationists love–dinosaurs and humans living together. Even done in a comical fashion, I find it odd that Seth MacFarlane, who is an atheist and has inserted creationist jokes into The Family Guy, wants to do this show. The other problem is the humor? The Flintstones were basically a cartoon version of The Honeymooners, the classic sitcom with Jackie Gleason. The humor might have been innovative at the time, but now?

If Seth updates The Flintstones to our modern sense of humor or anything bordering on what we see on The Family Guy, isn’t it going to ruin the nostalgia of The Flintstones? It’s like doing a new sitcom version of Leave it to Beaver with innuendo. These premises just don’t work with modern times, which is why they were a hit way back when. It’s also why we revisit these shows when we grow tired of the “newest and coolest” TV Shows. Sometimes it’s nice to watch an old show, even if it does present a fantasy version of traditional family values.

Call me a cynic on this one, I think it’s a bad idea.

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