‘The Last Exorcism,’ for the Second Time

I guess exorcism films aren’t dead after all. I figured people would have tired of them by now, but much like vampires, ghosts and werewolves they seem to be a staplemark of horror films. I have to admit, demons do make for good villains and are fun to watch, therefore Hollywood Reporter has announced that a sequel to The Last Exorcism is in the works. That means they should change the title of the first film to The Next to the Last Exorcism.

The original film did well on a budget of 1.6 million dollars and grossed 62.5 million worldwide. The plot involved an evangelical priest who invited a documentary crew to film his “last exorcism” to show how phony it was. Later, the priest has to face down the supernatural as it appears demons are indeed real.

A good horror story is a good horror story–I don’t knock the producers for wanting to make more money off the premise. I think a much more original premise would be to show the horrors of priests, pastors and self-professed experts who do actually believe in exorcism and try to perform them…or maybe that would be a comedy.

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