The Left Punches The Right, Literally

This video is one of the reasons why Hillary lost the election and it’s been one of my gripes throughout this election as an anti-Trumper. Certainly, it’s not reflective of the majority of Hillary supporters or Bernie supporters, but the behavior was often excused by the left (and I’ve heard it told to me as such) because Trump was being an opportunistic racist. There are multiple incidents of left-on-right violence compared to the one Trump fan sucker punching a black protestor that was highlighted by the media again and again.

Recently, with the outpouring of emotion by protestors in the streets nationwide we again saw these kinds of anti-Trumpers come out and vandalize property and incite violence. It denigrated what the peaceful protestors were attempting to do. These speech bullies and anarchists do not understand how the election process works or the value of free speech. Unfortunately, I would have to say the same for those who hashtag or yell “Not My President.” It’s politically immature and the violence and vandalism is cowardly (especially when wearing masks).

You’re allowed to be an asshole in America without getting punched or having an egg thrown on you or being spat on. You’re allowed to be a racist when it comes to free speech. I’m not saying everyone who voted for Trump is a racist either. If you read the comments under YouTube for this video it comes down to a big “Fuck you!” to the left for not reporting what is being shown in the video compilation. The incidents do not negate that Trump is unqualified and was racist throughout his campaign (as well as pussy grabber), but when cornered with two bad options, what would you do? Unfortunately, you have to put your emotions aside and make a logical choice which is what I felt I had to do and I voted for Hillary. It was an anti-Trump vote. For others it was an anti-Hillary vote.

And to be fair, for all those who believe this video shows the worst of The Left remember that Trump reinvigorated the alt-right and the KKK, so much so that David Duke was able to be legitimized once again and made it to the debate stage with 5% of support in the polls from Louisiana. If you haven’t read about David French, the conservative writer for the National Review who opposed Trump, and his nasty interactions with the alt-right it’s pretty scary. Trump also has inspired the far right on the international stage such as The National Front in France. If you want to say that the alt-right and the KKK are not part of the Republican right, then we can easily say that the anarchists and those inciting violence in this video are also not claimed by the Democratic left. Both parties have shitheads they don’t want claiming to be their supporters.

I’ve listened all week to the self-flagellation of the media on how they got it wrong and how Trump won the majority of the vote. Michael Moore, appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe pretended to speak for Trumpers and claimed it was all about economic disparity. I personally think Michael Moore is a fraud and his film work proves it, but he’s right…to an extent. However, maybe it’s simpler than that because I’m not in the self-flagellation bubble. I know several Trump voters who are not economically desperate. In fact, I know of many Trumpers who are quite well off. Maybe, just maybe…it’s because Trump is a celebrity. Fact is, I’m suspicious that one person I know voted for Trump because he appeared on Wrestlemania.

You know who Donald Trump sounded like at his rallies when he made economic promises? Arnold Schwarzenegger running for governor in California. I remember hearing Arnold tell everyone that he was going to make sure everyone had a great job. No details, just that everyone would have a great job. Arnold wasn’t racist in his rally rhetoric, but he did dumb it down and voters ate it up. When listening to Trump, that’s what he did. It was all dumbed down. It was hot air.

I can’t say that every celebrity who has run for office has won (remember Clay Aiken?), but I think they have a huge leg up on the competition regardless of what party they choose to be with. I found a list of 12 celebs who ran and won and I would suggest what really matters is how successful the celebrity was with their TV or film work (how popular they were or what nostalgia they bring to the table) as well as they had to actually be serious about their effort. For example, I don’t consider Roseanne Barr running for the Green Party in 2012 as a serious effort (and it was the Green Party after all) or Howard Stern running on the Libertarian Party ticket for governor of New York in 1994. But Clint Eastwood? He won his mayoral race and I believe if he had wanted to he could have easily run for president when he was younger. How many people would vote for Dirty Harry as “the law and order” candidate? He could have been the next Reagan.

So I’m not exactly buying into the Michael Moore economics narrative. It’s one piece of a bigger picture that includes the following:
Cult of celebrity
Political correctness or the perception of political correctness
Wage stagnation
Hatred for Bill and Hillary Clinton
Hatred of the media and double standards
Fear of change of the social order
Fear of secularism
Black Lives Matters and bad mouthing cops
A softening or outright lack of acknowledgement on radical Islamic rhetoric
Xenophobia and racism-lite
Right wing conspiracy theories
And “don’t tell me who to vote for!”

I think “cult of celebrity” tops the list! On the Bill Maher show they suggested running Oprah for president. Good lord, that would be annoying, but she would definitely be a threat to a Republican candidate as a woman who would do better than Hillary. It’s a shame though that we equate celebritydom with the ability to run a country or understand the complexities of economics and foreign affairs. By worshipping TV and film stars we’re confusing people who have acting talent with people who have political brains.

If you voted for Trump, I think I get it. It’s hard to resist a good “fuck you.” It doesn’t mean that going forward I won’t poke fun of Trump or avid Trump supporters because I’m not going to forget what he built his campaign on–the scapegoating of illegal immigrants and false promises which he and supporters are already back peddling on (“no, we always thought the wall was more of a metaphor for more security, not a real wall that Mexico would pay for”). To support Trump you either had to hold your nose like many Hillary voters or you had to be just that gullible–or you were a plain ol’ alt-right bigot. So let’s not pretend that he was a qualified candidate because he built a real estate empire after borrowing millions from his Dad who didn’t rent to black people. Or that Trump is qualified because he “speaks his mind” because if he wasn’t saying what you wanted to hear you wouldn’t have listened. His values are not Christian or even conservative, he can’t even quote scripture or pronounce the books of the Bible. Donald Trump was a celebrity you thought would give Hillary a good bashing and stick it to the liberal media. Which is what he did. It’s not that hard to understand.

The left should also not feel that the country is going to hell. Hillary won the popular vote. We can have the discussion later on the electoral college, but it’s not the end of our representative democracy. It’s a setback and there will be pain. Sometimes you have to go backwards before you can go forward again. I know, I know, the Supreme Court could be the most painful of all.

I honestly do hope those who are in economic disparity get a boost from the election regardless of Trump’s lack of moral integrity. I’ve never discounted assholes as not being able to get something done simply because they are an asshole. He is, after all is said and done, a salesman–a bullshit artist. If he can get an infrastructure bill through congress (because he’s not Obama and they’re not rejecting it simply because he’s Obama) then great, more jobs. I don’t know where the hell he’s going to get the money though if he’s cutting taxes and increasing defense spending. We’ll see…

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