‘The Playboy Club’ Rejected by Salt Lake City

The Playboy Club is a new NBC TV Series with film noir sensibilities and is based on Hugh Hefner’s legendary clubs with girls dressed in, well, bunny outfits. It features sexy women, a sexy lead man, mafia gangsters, and the late night party life in the sixties. According to The Washington Post, it has also been rejected by KSL in Salt Lake City, Utah, an NBC affiliate. They feel, despite airing other programs with equivalent adult material like Law and Order:SVU, that the Playboy brand represents pornography. If you watch the trailer, this is hardly pornography.

The Playboy brand has long since been mainstreamed. Most guys I know like looking at the nude “bunnies” but hardly consider the magazine to be pornography. It’s just too tame in modern times. Hustler is pornography. Playboy Magazine is glamour shots with lots of sugar coating and you’ll be lucky if you ever see the second pair of lips most men are wanting to kiss. I suppose you could put Playboy in the softcore category, but even that doesn’t seem to fit. When a brand like Playboy has integrated itself into our pop culture over the course of almost 60 years creating an identity that is on par with Disney’s Mickey ears, it rises above the porn stigma. …But that’s just my opinion. If a nude girl that looks airbrushed is porn to Mormons, so be it.

While the TV series feels like it should be on AMC or some other cable channel (primetime has a way of mucking up good show ideas) I can’t see any justification to reject this show based on the Playboy brand alone. Let the viewers decide in Salt Lake City. Despite the illusion, men there are just as horny as they are in rest of the United States and both men and women will sneak a peek at the show regardless if it is inappropriate or not (more so if they get wind that KSL has banned it). How many women watched The Girls Next Door, a reality series about bumbling blonde Playmates in the Playboy Mansion? The series wasn’t offensive, it was silly fluff. I tried watching it once with my wife and was quite bored.

Despite KSL’s rejection, most likely The Playboy Club will air on KUCW  in the same market which is NBC’s fallback when KSL doesn’t come through. Possibly this will boost KUCW’s ratings if the show is successful.

SIDENOTE: It might be nice for Mormon men to see a nice pair of black boobs considering the church’s exclusionary past concerning African Americans. Nudity has political and social meaning and can be a form of protest. The show features an aspiring black Playmate in a time of rampant racism. Remember this is back in the sixties when the blonde white ideal was being pushed. No offense to blondes in general, but mocha and chocolate are fun to see nude too!

SIDENOTE 2: Is there a difference between seeing someone nude and seeing someone posed in a sexual position? Being an artist, I became used to naked people in life drawing class and I don’t consider nudity by itself to be “sexual.” In some instances I believe a fully clothed woman can be more sexually alluring than a nude woman standing with her hands on her hips–it’s all how they work it. And, not to forget our brainy babes, if you’ve ever seen an amateur try to “work it” you realize how important personality and confidence is when it comes to sexual attraction.

What the world really needs is naked women with PhDs so that their lives aren’t wasted just on impressing men with their bodies. Seriously, when medical science makes it possible for everyone to have beautiful bodies and levels the playing field then we can do our nude posing for fun, fuck our brains out and get down to more important work like curing disease and traveling out into space. No more free rides just because you were born with perfect boobs.

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