‘The Rite’ Exorcism Movie with Anthony Hopkins

I think the more exorcism movies that get put on the market the more likely it is the public will not be able to take the subject seriously. Demonic possession is falling into the category of vampires and werewolves and of course the one thing in common with all of these films is that they have to, in a fictional context, destroy skepticism. Only, once we leave the theater, we all know it was a ruse because obviously vampires and werewolves don’t exist–let’s just add demons to the list. 

Anthony Hopkins has decided to lend his acting skills to The Rite about another supposedly true story of an exorcism. The trailer starts out by saying: “In 2007 the Vatican’s chief exorcist revealed an initiative to install an exorcist in every diocese worldwide.  Three days later…The Vatican denied the story.” This implies a conspiracy to cover up what we all should suspect–that exorcisms are going on under our very noses.

Has anyone ever seen an exorcism?  They involve a person attempting to talk scary, moaning alot, some blasphemy and if healed some crying like the end of every Ghost Whisperer episode ever made. They are very disappointing. Hollywood knows how to make them exciting with sound effects, visual effects and plot devices.

The Rite looks like a tired film which we’ve seen before with The Exorcist. What’d I’d like to see is a horror movie with the focus on the terrible nature of an exorcist, one who is fanatical and delusional and has to be stopped. Don’t Hollywood producers understand that when an idea has been done to death it has to be turned on its head?

As for the “inspired by a true story” aspect of the film, according to Wiki this is based on a book by Matt Baglio called The Making of a Modern Exorcist from 2009. The author did research by participating in a seminar  on exorcism conducted by The Vatican. It records events about Father Gary Thomas who is asked to become the local exorcist for a parish in Los Altos, California.

One thought on “‘The Rite’ Exorcism Movie with Anthony Hopkins

  1. More interested in theology than gut-churning effects, The Rite is a creepy exorcism thriller elevated a bit above the norm for that reliable genre by a classy look and the gravitas of star Anthony Hopkins. -Mark Hall

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