The Science of Crop Circles

Erich Von Daniken didn’t seem to want to credit the ingenuity of humans in artistic creations of the past in his book Chariots of the Gods, but crop circles–once thought to be the work of aliens–are made every year by prankster “non-aliens.” Fox News has an article on how crop circle creators have made their designs increasingly complex. Apparently the newer designs can have up to 2,000 different shapes.

Also, originally the mystery of crop circles was solved by demonstrating they could be made with a plank and piece of rope. Now there are other ways they are being made. Per the article: “But the most innovative modern technique involves using microwaves to force corn stalks to fall over and cool horizontally. ” That’s just friggin’ cool.

I guess the only question is how do the farmers feel about crop circle artists? Isn’t this sort of like graffiti and are the crops damaged enough so there is a loss of revenue. That would be not so “friggin’ cool.”

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