‘The Theory of Everything,’ Faith Movie

Hmm, a Christian faith-based movie on The Theory of Everything, an exploration of physics that leads to God. What a Christian wet dream. It is continually interesting that Christians so much want to prove their god versus having faith and keep trying to claim science for their own.

Let me ask you if this sounds familiar: “Dr. Eugene Holland (Victor Lundin). Dr. Holland is on a mission of his own – to prove the Holy Grail of physics – the Theory of Everything – that may prove the existence of God. His greatest challenge? Completing his quest before a degenerative brain disease (CJD) claims his ability to reason.” From the description at ChristianMoviePreviews.com. Could this be inspired by Stephen Hawking? Sure feels that way.

So the “theory of  how God works” in this movie appears to be that God gives Dr. Holland a degenerative brain disease in order to lead him to the realization that physics proves the Almighty’s existence? I’ll have to watch the movie and see.

According to Wiki, the Theory of Everything is “is a putative theory of theoretical physics that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena, and predicts the outcome of any experiment that could be carried out in principle.”  I don’t pretend to know physics, but I do know that God is usually a bookmark for what is unexplained until it is explained. The description of this movie continues as such, “A moving story of family, faith and theoretical physics, The Theory of Everything will inspire you to ‘Envision the Possibilities.'”

I am betting the conclusion is certainly not open-ended, and concludes with God as that possibility you’re supposed to envision. But what does faith have to do with physics? Scientific imagination may be required, but faith can blind a scientist–not just faith in a god, but faith in a pet theory. I would say faith in many ways is the enemy of science and thankfully scientific theories are peer reviewed to weed out faith-based theories and reward ones with actual evidence.

From some brief readings on physics, of what I can grasp as a lowly cartoonist, there are both atheists and Christians in the field and it seems more likely that if physics leads to a belief in God it is not necessarily the narrow Christian God but a grander model of deity. The reason being is the petty nature–the human nature–of God in the Bible. We also have to consider if the universe is made for “us” then what the hell? Why is it so dangerous for humans? There may be unifying laws out there tying everything together but we are not at the center. If anything we are a small part of a larger whole. In the future God may evolve to fit a definition that even an atheist could accept. That is not the same as converting an atheist to the limited Christian god.

Here’s two articles on Christianity and Physics which show some favorable views on finding God within the math, as I don’t want to be accused of being too biased.  I think it will be a looooooong debate, but it is interesting that the debate is expanding like our universe. It won’t be the Christian physicists that will be left behind but more likely the literalist creationists.

Quantum Physics as a Means of Leading Scientists to Christianity

Atheist & Science: Physics, from the University of Cambridge

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