Tom Cruise, Unpaid Labor Through Scientology

The is running a story on how Tom Cruise and other members of the Church of Scientology may take advantage of unpaid or cheap labor by way of church workers and volunteers. This is not just gossip, but an actual FBI investigation into “human trafficking.”

Cruise’s role may have been minor in comparison to other abuses. The claim is that he had two motorcycles he received from Steven Spielberg rebuilt and detailed by John Brosseau, a now ex-member of the church. Brosseau says he was paid $50 a week to do the work (that’s $200 a month for skilled labor) as David Miscavige, head of the Church and a really creepy looking guy, was calling in the favor for his celebrity friend. Brosseau’s complaint is that he was not sacrificing for the betterment of mankind, but Tom Cruise.

In addition to the two motorcycles, Brosseau also renovated an airplane hangar and office in Burbank belonging to Cruise, as well as a SUV (a celebrity with an SUV? Unheard of!). Of course Tom’s lawyers deny the accusations and it is possible this could be a disgruntled ex-member of Scientology, but if it’s true, it makes Tom Cruise the a-hole of the week.

David Miscavige--Is this not the pose of a cult leader?

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