Toy Story Woody Sticks Up for Gay Teens

The Christian Post is running an article on the newest video from the “It Gets Better Campaign” which addresses teen bullying of LGBT youth–that’s Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexuals and Transgender if you’re not aware of the acronym. In the latest ad, which aired during an episode of “Glee,” Woody from Toy Story makes an appearance to add his voice to numerous other celebrities and notable persons wanting to reach out to young people facing the hell of ¬†junior high and high school.

It’s a very effective and heartwarming campaign, but Exodus International’s Alan Chambers was disappointed to see a children’s character endorse homosexuality. Exodus International is a Christian ministry trying to rescue the gay community from being gay. It’s interesting that the Christian Post article turns to cover Exodus International after the first two paragraphs instead of understanding the reason why the campaign is necessary in the first place. Fact is, I don’t see Woody as even endorsing homosexuality. This campaign is more about needless bullying and LGBT youth are constantly harassed and ostracized by their peers. Maybe “gay” is sinful from a religious perspective, but so is reading straight porn and a host of other sexual activities God disapproves of. The point is–no one needs to be bullied to the point of suicide! I’m always amazed at how Christians in the same breath condemn gay teens for being gay and then trot out the high rate of suicide statistics. Gee, you think the constant damnation reminders might have a correlation to the suicides?

Woody is also a little more than a children’s character as the Toy Story movies appeal to both kids and adults. I also think 5 and 6 year-olds aren’t that vunerable. First of all, they’re not going to even understand the commercial. Second, do we hide the fact that men and women have relationships? Can we simply say to a 5 or 6-year-old that some men love other men and some women love other women? Sex doesn’t even have to be mentioned, but for Christians it always comes down to sex when homosexuality is mentioned because they can’t understand that, as with straight relationships, sex is only part of the picture. 5 and 6-year-olds can understand love.

Interestingly enough, if you look down on the comments on The Christian Post you’ll see many readers chiming in on how wrong Exodus International is. In a way, TCP gave a forum for LGBT to express their opinions in support of Woody on a predominantly “Christian-read” website¬†.

In Toy Story 4 we expect to see Woody come out of the closet as a gay toy (I mean c’mon! His name is Woody…so bad, I know).

SIDENOTE: If you are LGBT youth and you think the campaign is sugared up bullshit, I would still have to say in support of it that what The It Gets Better Project says is primarily true. There’s always exceptions, but I hated junior high and high school just as a straight person and you will be far better off when you get past it. Bullying teenagers live in a spoiled world and don’t have a clue. Some of them retain their stupid attitudes into adulthood but it doesn’t serve them well as calling someone a faggot at work or trying to tell someone they’re going to hell for being gay can get you fired. Many Christians who disagree with homosexuality are not bullies at work and everyone gets along–they only become bullies when they vote (unfortunately).

4 thoughts on “Toy Story Woody Sticks Up for Gay Teens

  1. I am assuming the reason why Christians’ always look at homosexuality as sexual is because otherwise, the same sex would be just friends. Hence, the name homo-SEX-uality. Hmmmm. not homogenderality.

  2. It’s pathetic that people who call themselves “Christians” openly discriminate against homosexuals. As a straight man, I am appalled by the way gays are treated by those who wrongly think it is a sin or some sort of evil that needs to be taught away.

    That gays are really just confused and need help is like saying African Americans were just silly to not want to sit at the back of the bus.

  3. To Janice, if that is your limited view based upon what we would could call the dictionary reference for gays, then bend over if you’re a heterosexual woman and dispense with the cuddling. You mean to say heterosexual relationships are just sex?

    Sex is one component of a gay relationship. Romance and companionship is another. Heterosexual kids don’t start out by banging each other, they befriend each other and usually have a crush then romance before they get to the sex later on in teen years. Why not the same for gay kids?

    It amazes me that Christian women don’t want to be sexualized themselves and then they have this narrow view of the gay community. I’m straight, but I’m sure gay romance is just as tender as hetero relationships even before it gets to the “good stuff.”

  4. I Am A Gay 21 Year Old And Am Fed Up With All This Pointing Fingers Bullshit From So Called Christians. I Am Proud To Be Gay. I Am Joining The Navy And Can Be Just As Productive A Human Being As A Straight Man. Dont They Think That Judging People For Being Gay Is Just As Bad As People Who Bully. Come On. Grow Up And Go Get A Life. I Have No Religion And Am Happy With My Choice. I Would Rather Have No Religion Than Pretend To Be A Christian Like Most Of Them Do. It Is All A Load Of Shit To Me. I As A Gay Man Have Rights And Any CHRISTIAN Who Thinks Otherwise Can Kiss My Ass And Slap It With A Bible Too. Ha.

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