Trump Is Our President, So Grow Up

I just saw a brief news story of people gathering in the downtown area where I live who were protesting the election of Trump: “Not my president!”  Well, no. He is our president.

I went on a long rant on an earlier post when Trump said he was going to keep us in suspense on whether he would concede and recognize Hillary if she won. It was a bullshit thing to say and both Democrats and Republicans called him out on it. Now the tables are turned. It was a nasty process, but Donald Trump did win. We can’t be hypocritical as Americans and say he is an illegitimate president.

And for all of those anti-Trumpers who said they were going to move to Canada, I always thought that was bullshit too. You don’t abandon your country because a narcissistic clown made it into office. You keep him in check and you fight for your principles. If our republic can’t survive Trump then what good is it?

We also need to take a step back and figure out what Trump is actually going to do and what he will realistically be able to do. The president of the United States is not a dictator and compromise is coming. My vote against him was more on moral grounds than legislative so I’ll be curious to see what happens, for better or worse. And, while I think Trump voters knew he was blowing hot air about building a wall and making Mexico pay for it–we should call him out on it. Let’s see, in an age of tech jobs, if he can bring back manufacturing, make streets safer for “the African Americans,” conquer ISIS and terrorism, make new trade deals in our favor and make America great again (as if that isn’t a subjective statement). However, when it comes to banning all Muslims and deporting millions of illegal immigrants, this is where reasonable people have to speak up (and he’s already walked back these statements anyhow).

UPDATE: I’m already seeing the Twitter hashtag #NotMyPresident and the protests in the street on the nightly news. I’m sorry Hillary lost, but your president isn’t necessarily your president because you voted for someone else or you do not like what he or she stands for. It’s time to focus on the issues and let your representatives know your feelings on actions they may take in the wake of this Trump win.


3 thoughts on “Trump Is Our President, So Grow Up

  1. I did not vote this year because I haven’t for a long time. I usually stay out of it. But the protests and riots changed my political sympathies. I’ve felt I’ve been getting more and more to the Left in recent years, especially when I listen to Ray Comfort. No longer.

    Never I have seen the liberal ideals held up and ripped to sheds by the same people who purport to believe in them. Ideals like Tolerance, Love Justice–do these people really understand what they mean? Nothing at all wrong with those concepts, it’s just the people you profess them don’t follow them. The Trump victory was a test of their moral character. And they flunked. Big time.

    Trump may indeed be an “ass-clown,” but he wasn’t stupid. You couldn’t be and build a financial empire like his. He knew exactly what he had do say to get him elected. As several have pointed out he used the fact that so many are fed up with political correctness to get him into office. He was just blowing smoke the whole time. And guess what? It actually worked!

    And now he’s put himself and his family in possibly mortal danger from dangerous people who see bigotry everywhere. He created a monstrous caricature of himself as a liberal’s worst nightmare. What’s surprising is that so many intelligent people really bought it. Did you that JK Rowling said he was worse than Voldemort? Daniel Radcliff got it right–he thought Trump was more likely an opportunist, and it’s becoming more and more obvious that’s all he every was. The worst he is is a rich jerk, but a rich jerk ain’t Voldemort.

    But he’s looking more and more like Nicholas Romanov, as the days go by, the more militant the Left becomes. They’re always bringing up Hitler of course, but they’ve got it wrong. No one mentions the French Revolutionary Terror, or the Bolsheviks. Tell the liberals if they want to know who’s really menacing who, then look in the mirror.

  2. I think my problem in the end is The so-called Left is ready to bail the country for the sake of one bad president or is protesting the election results. Protest your new president, I’m all for it, but don’t undermine the election process. We’ve survived bad presidencies and progress isn’t always linear. Examine what went wrong, who you have to convince for the next election and redouble your efforts. I understand the disappointment–my heart sank too, but there’s a lot of unfounded fear and paranoia as if Trump actually has that much power to dictate his will. He doesn’t. And you can see he’s already back peddling on his boasts because he really is just a salesman after all.

    Trump isn’t Hitler. He’d actually have to have an ideology to be Hitler. And as we know, once you play the Hitler card the discussion is over. Can we stop calling up Hitler from the grave?

    The Left is right on several issues, but you can’t bully people into thinking the way you want. People have to come around on their own. So if they want to do anything, it has to be a rigorous debate and a combatting of inaccuracies that come out from The Right. I can deal in facts, I can’t deal with having to worry about thought crimes, microaggressions, hurt feelings or keeping my mouth shut in “safe zones.” And honestly, if I did want to wear a Trump baseball cap or a Hillary shirt I shouldn’t have to worry about being assaulted or yelled at. Back off! Let people express their candidates. You wear your candidate and I’ll wear mine.

    However, I’m not going to deny there wasn’t a racist element to the election and call it political correctness gone mad because I saw enough examples to convince me that Trump exploited “fear of the other” and emboldened the weirdness that is the hateful alt-right. I do know that part of the problem of The Left is crying wolf. When it came time to deal with a real xenophobe pussy-groper after wailing about offensive Halloween costumes half the population wasn’t willing to listen. Sometimes creating nauseating lists of rules and regulations to curb the little offenses does more damage when it comes to the bigger picture. It’s not that racism shouldn’t be pointed out, but unless it’s overt stop making so many rules or trying to interpret intention as if you know that everyone is secretly a racist or sexist (and I’ve been called both). People who step in ignorance aren’t necessarily racist. You may find you win more converts with a gentle word or an enlightening conversation.

    Of course now I’m a hypocrite because I like to draw inflammatory cartoons–but I’m not forcing anyone to read them! Yeah, I go for the cheap laugh, I’m just not very gentle in my approach.

  3. I totally agree with everything you say. Especially with the Left always resurrecting Hitler when it comes to someone they disagree. They’ve done it over and over again, and not just with Trump.
    Early on before the election, when I first heard people calling Trump a racist, I just thought it was more of the same old mudslinging I’d been hearing for years.
    Political correctness intends to shut people up to avoid hurt feelings. But if people keep silent, there can’t be any conversation. And so how can there be progress? There can’t, really.

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