TV Network Owner Decapitates Wife

It is always strange to read about this stuff going on in the United States, but posted a story on Bridges TV Network Founder Muzzammil Hassan who is accused of decapitating his “estranged” wife. Where would he do such a thing? It happened at the network’s company office in New York on February 9th of 2009. The irony is that Hassan started the Bridges TV Network in order to improve the public image of the Islamic community.

The victim, Aasiya Zubair Hassan, was apparently a victim of domestic abuse prior to the killing which according to police records went on for years. The author of the article challenged the surrounding Buffalo-area Muslim community on why they did nothing about the abuse and suggested they be on trial too. I’m not sure that’s a fair assertion, but then it does sound like Hassan was an influential figure who maybe deserved more open criticism if this abuse was commonly known.

Muzzammil Hassan was granted the ability to act as his own lawyer for his defense after he argued with his lawyer named Jeremy Schwartz (hmm, Jewish last name? Could explain things between the two). 

I found the website for the Bridges TV Network. Among other things you’ll see an ads for “Sharia Compliant Investments” and “Islamic Clothing,” a video promoting “The Deen Show” which appears to have a host interviewing interesting Muslims and the evening news from a Muslim perspective. What a shame the founder has to be involved in such an embarrassing trial and a general embarrassment to American Muslims–at least we would hope it would be seen that way. It’s doubtful the Bridges Evening News will report the trial of their founder.

Hassan has quite a bit of explaining to do. It’s not everyday that a woman is beheaded which fits with the motive of an honor killing. Beheadings are downright archaic.

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