Twittering the Second Coming, Franklin Graham Predicts

Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, the famous evangelist, is speculating that social media will play a role in the second coming of Christ. In other words, when the trumpet sounds and Christ returns coming down from the heavens everyone will be twittering, “I just saw Jesus Christ!”

This is for real. Franklin told this to famed journalist Christine Amanpour. It’s almost sad that this is being run as serious news and not something you would find in The National Enquirer.

Franklin may also be setting us up for a big hoax. He says:

“The Bible says that every eye is going to see [the Second Coming],” Graham said. “How is the whole world going to see [Jesus Christ] all at one time? I don’t know, unless all of a sudden everybody’s taking pictures and it’s on the media worldwide. I don’t know. Social media could have a big part in that.”

The reason Franklin is saying this is the problem with the earth being round. We can’t all physically see some guy floating down out of the clouds at one time. Franklin and other Christians are trying to be logical with something that is illogical. Possibly, Christ might have to repeat his second coming for different time zones and locales. So…social media might be the answer.

Imagine in the future someone clever enough to do what Orson Welles did back in 1938 on Halloween night when he used the popular medium of radio to scare the bejeezus out of listeners who thought his War of the Worlds play was a newscast about invading aliens. If it was possible, could a video be faked of Christ returning ¬†and broadcast using social media in such a way that it is Twittered, Facebooked and picked up by a majority of the media outlets who won’t say either way if it is real or not (which they like to do to keep you hanging). Could people worldwide be tricked into thinking the second coming of Christ is here without ever actually seeing it except for on the web?

Hard to say. The upcoming generation is not as easily fooled, even those who strongly believe in Christianity. But if there is a large percentage of people who earnestly believed we are in the last days (such as Franklin Graham) and if the hoax took place after a major disaster (like a California earthquake for instance or a terrorist attack), I bet it could happen. I’m only saying a certain percentage would be fooled, but enough to cause a panic.

I don’t think social media is what the Biblical writers had in mind when they said that every eye will see him per the scripture found in Revelation 1:7 – Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

Unless you believe John, the writer of Revelations, could see us using Facebook and Twitter, I think he was referring to a supernatural event. Dare I even say John may have thought the world was flat and therefore every eye could see Christ return–from a flat surface! We always seem to assume that ancient Biblical writers knew all that we know now like the earth is round and that it revolves around the sun. Greek intellectuals were able to determine some of these correct scientific theories, but Biblical writers?

Franklin thinks we’re in the last days. He also seems to think Donald Trump might make a good president (see the end of the article). I think Franklin is just “flat” out wrong.

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