‘What If?” Kevin Sorbo as a Pastor

Kevin Sorbo is on fire for God in another Christian film project now playing in theaters. It’s called “What If…” and is from producer Jerry Jenkins, author of  the Left Behind series.

The trailer begins by asking, “What if you had a perfect life?” and shows Sorbo’s character Ben Walker as being a successful but apparently selfish businessman because he doesn’t share his success with a family (kids, that is). Then because of the intervention of an angelic figure in the form of John Ratzenberger he is sent back in time to an alternate reality where he is forced to live another possibility–he’s married with kids and he works as a pastor. Per the film description on the official site: “Before he can get back to his old life, Ben must first embrace this reality and discover the value of faith and family…”

On a sidenote, Kristy Swanson doesn’t get one line in throughout the entire trailer? What’s up with that?

Frank Capra certainly serves as inspiration here and the premise reminds one of It’s a Wonderful Life (which the filmmakers acknowledge), only what’s the point? That God will let you experience two different scenarios so you can realize the right path–no such stories in the Bible filled with such time travel lessons. Once you make a choice in the Bible, if it’s the wrong one–you’re screwed.

And the other insinuation, just from reading the description of the film, is that domestic family life is more meaningful then single life. In other words “faith” goes with “family” to make it “the value of faith and family.” I think family life can be good and yet I think it is overrated. As well as I never seem to see any wholesome Christian “family” film emphasize Jesus’ edict to leave your family to follow him. Jesus is basically a homewrecker in the New Testament. 

At the very least Kevin Sorbo’s character gets to have sex with two different women in two different realities. Oddly enough, as a pastor he gets to bed Kristy Swanson. Of all actresses I would expect to see in a Christian film, it wouldn’t be her…but in a way, it’s kind of hot.

I wish I could review this film, but suffice to say I will wait for it to be a rental as I am not paying full theater prices to see what could be a lame piece of propaganda. With Sorbo and Ratzenberger it is possible that it may be entertaining enough to be a LifeTime or Hallmark Channel movie of the week, not a theater release though.

Sorbo interests me now in what he may do for the Christian film community. He was never an A-list actor but certainly he is interwoven into our popular culture as a result of playing Hercules. Ratzenberger, who I know is Eastern Orthodox as I tried to join that church once, will probably be happy to star in some of these flicks too as they improve in quality–and freethinkers should be aware that Christians are starting to get their act together for low budget films as well as the hype of major releases such as The Chronicles of Narnia series (or Lord of the Rings Lite). I don’t believe it will be too long before we see a Christian “Star Wars” knock off or some sort of larger than life science fiction film.

Now if you want to see more of Kristy Swanson she can be seen in this clip, which ironically enough is from a movie called Zebra Lounge starring Stephen “born again” Baldwin who also bangs a woman from behind in another sex scene. Isn’t it funny how all these Christian celebs made all their money off of sinful depictions? Sin sells.

2 thoughts on “‘What If?” Kevin Sorbo as a Pastor

  1. Not sure what point is being made here. I am not a Christian, but it seems to me that to castigate someone for their past is just wrong. So what if these folks were involved in shady movies in the past. Don’t they have a right to make amends in the form of Christian movies now?

  2. I don’t think a point was being made, just light observations. Actually, many of these “Christian” actors did questionable movies and TV show appearances while Christians and may continue to do so. That doesn’t necessarily bother me as you can separate the character from the actor, but it does bother me when I hear Christians and the new crop of Christian reviewers rag on secular movies and secular actors for all their “godless filth”.

    And I like Kevin Sorbo and Ratzenberger, talented guys. My objections would be more with the content of movies like these and possibly the “moral lessons” being conveyed. Everyone is entitled to a viewpoint and much like the Christian movie reviewers I’m entitled to give a counter viewpoint.

    But, if there is a point to be made in all of these Christian movie posts, it’s this: Christian entertainment is no different than secular entertainment. It’s a business. You target the audience and sell the tickets. Christian movies are not so concerned with the actors they choose as long as they sell tickets–that’s why you see many well known names appear who probably don’t fit the Christian mold–they just want to act and be in the spotlight again (who can blame them). They’re there for the product being made. Nothing exactly wrong with that from a general perspective but again–just another business and no more spiritual or wholesome than many secular movies.

    In evangelism though, sin does sell. If you were a bad guy, in particular a Hollywood celebrity, and then became born again you are destined for ministry and speaking engagements. Christians love a good sin to righteousness story. From Saul to Paul, from Watergate Chuck Colson to Prison Ministry Colson and from drug addict Gary Busey to ??? who the hell knows (I don’t think Christians want Busey speaking for them at this point). I would like to hear some stories about famous celebrities who become born again and disappear into ministry in Africa or some unknown part of the world. That would be more Jesus-like in many ways and more interesting.

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