Where Has Freethunk Been?


It’s November of 2014 and I have not touched this site in several months. Quite a bit has to do with the general busyness of life and this site is mainly a labor of love, or intellectual interest–whatever sounds good when you work on a site that isn’t for profit. The other part of not updating in quite awhile has to do with some apathy. It just felt like the same arguments keep being spun on faith and that  everyone insists science doesn’t know everything (True! Science doesn’t know everything, that’s the point: to use the scientific method to investigate everything, even the fallacy of faith-based arguments or even the fallacy of poorly argued science). I honestly became sick of both atheism and religion and found myself reading up on optimism for the future with new technology and science. Old mythology has nothing on the future. There are plenty of pitfalls coming, I anticipate the large percentage of them to be economic, but life does progress.

I’m also wary of the in-fighting I’ve read about in skeptical and atheist circles. It’s inevitable that such arguments will occur, some will be rather vicious. Atheist in-fighting is no different than the infighting we find among believers. We’re human and humans can be petty.

After combing through the comments and deleting the spam, I do appreciate the comments from readers giving their point of view. All are welcome to comment.

My plan is to continue to work on some book projects and hopefully resume posting on this site with some new News Bites and cartoons. Feel free to visit and be offended or chuckle or sarcastically reply. I’ll do my best to provide more fodder if you do.

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