Why So Many Mormon Executives?

BusinessInsider.com has a brief article on why there are so many Mormons in business that make it to the executive level or go into politics. The reason is that all Mormon men are required to go through 2 years of Mormon missionary training which can double as training for success in business. Business has to do with sales and not taking no for an answer. When a young man has already gone through the process of rejection several times a day for up to two years they build up that thick skin that propels them forward.

I briefly worked in a sales office and I completely agree with the conclusions of the article. It’s a tough job selling God, especially a bastardized Christian offshoot. I’ve always tried to be nice to Mormon missionaries as one of my best friends was Mormon growing up and I know these young men get the door slammed in their faces or are told to “F-off”. I don’t ever want missionaries to feel like they’ve been rejected because of the message itself as it reaffirms the persecution complex that both Mormons and fundamentalist Christians have.

As atheists, agnostics or other unbelievers I would suggest it would be better to have a brief conversation with them if you have time or, hell, have your own tract and exchange it with them. I believe in engagement, not outright rejection. After all, we could just as easily been born into a Mormon family and it isn’t easy to revert the brainwashing of early childhood.

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