‘World’s Worst Tenants’ Causes Skepticism

Fakers in a faked show - World's Worst Tenants

If there’s one good thing about reality TV it may be that it is teaching skepticism to a whole new generation of TV watchers. A great example is Spike TV’s latest entry World’s Worst Tenants. For anyone, like myself, who has had to deal with neighbors from hell, who wouldn’t want to watch bad tenants get evicted? I was about to watch something from my Netflix que when this show hooked me.

The problem is after the first episode something about the scenes seemed too entertainingly perfect: A brawl resulting from an attempt to evict a gang of bikers, a man rescued from falling in his tub and not being able to move for several days, and a pervert caught taping his neighbors…

A quick Google search shows I’m not the only one being skeptical. Fact is, currently, if you just type in World’s Worst Tenants into Google you get a link for “Is the tv show worlds worst tenants real?” that leads to Yahoo Answers. A better link is a forum on TivoCommunity.com with the entry “Spike TV Almost Got Me.” The forum examined all the mistakes in the show concerning law enforcement and eviction rules and then someone simply noted that on the end credits of the show it says that we are watching reenactments.

This kind of reality TV is pretty questionable and as far as a money-making venture I’m beginning to think this borders on fraud. Commercials have to tell you if what you are seeing is a reenactment, they’re not allowed to hide it in the fine print. Why shouldn’t Spike TV have to inform us upfront that we’re watching a “faked” show?

The side effect of these fake reality shows is a possible irony; that we are becoming more skeptical about what we see. And with forums and YouTube channels like Spike aren’t allowed to get away with it. The question is, will it be enough to dissuade advertisers from supporting a faked show and do people still watch these shows even though they know it’s not real? A little junkfood TV isn’t a horrible thing after expanding your mind with something like The Universe series, but shouldn’t we demand our trash TV be real?

Well, I guess it’s back to Parking Wars on Netflix for my junkfood TV cravings. Maybe it’s not as exciting as bad tenant evictions but at least I know it’s real (I would hope!) .

SIDENOTE: Maybe I’m too optimistic, but I believe the kids coming up into adulthood today may be smarter than the past generation when it comes to being skeptical. It’s kind of a game to see who gets fooled by the next scam show or urban myth which puts them on alert that they have to question TV, what they read and what they’re told by family and friends. The peer pressure online not to be taken in by stupidity is fairly strong as far as I’ve observed from skipping from one forum to another and even Facebook. To be suckered by these shows you literally have to be so lazy you don’t do a simple Google search. Like I mentioned, I didn’t even have to use the search term “fake” when looking for information on World’s Worst Tenants. It just popped up.

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  1. Thank you for watching! Parking Wars is 100% real indeed.
    Andrew Dunn
    Series Producer
    Parking Wars
    Hybrid Films

  2. I was in property management for years and had to evict folks all the time… We never had to hire an “Eviction Specialist.” If you suspected criminal activity, you called the police and a lot of times if you call the police enough, they will stake out a place and catch the culprit. And in today’s society. Everyone has a recorder on thier phone. If it’s that bad in the neighborhood, I am sure some one is recording it to show the management. The show does seem a bit extreme…But, it it fun to watch… 🙂

  3. There’s an episode where they serve papers on a woman who turns out to have a horse living inside. The woman looked very familiar and I’m almost sure that she’s an actress. I’ve seen her on infomercials pushing things from vacuum cleaners to male enhancement pills. It really looks like her.

  4. The show admits to being “fake”. The closing credits show that the segments are re-enactments and only based on true events. And that names and places have been changed. That’s pretty fuzzy right there. That means “fake” to you, me and everyone else. Case closed with this despicable show…

  5. of course it’s fake – idiots! you don’t think the Kardash-a-whores are really important do you? or that in one episode, this-ole-piece o crap puts in a lawn, frames in a porch and plasters an entire house do you? or that Loser on flipping property buys and sells to millions in just weeks?
    it’s television – even my three year old knows that tv is not real

  6. Watched the credits just now and they have a casting director and performance coach on credits. Thought it was real until the episode where the old man wont pay his rent since the landlord wants to remove a tree from his yard

  7. Everything on TV is fake, seriously. It’s just meant to be watched not believed. My parents are real estate agents and have had their fair share of terrible at renters. It’s no different than law and order which is based on real cases except it’s not obnoxiously obvious it’s fake. We are a society that thrives off the suffering and misdeeds of others, so you can really complain about this show when there are plenty of others that do the same. And honestly it plays to everyone’s want for bad things to happen to bad people, so just take it as such.

  8. I think I saw Nina Hartley in one episode. Sure like to see the out takes from that episode.

  9. So what if it is a reenactment show? Does it make it immediately a bad show?
    I don’t care if its not for real, to me its still a good show and I still watch it, regardless of all these bad reviews because people realize its not real.

    If there is one bad show it would be that Car Lot show (or whatever its called). Even if it is for real or fake, that is one boring show to watch.

  10. Was debating wether it was real or not for a while but just saw a re-run of the fat guy in tub for 3 days… saw production vehicles parked across the street in previous skit but also claimed to be in Camarillo (Ventura Co.) for fat guy and LAFD (LA City)truck shows up with paramedics outta regulation LACity & even Co. uniforms. Plain white shirts, generic paramedic patch, & bottom blues. Fake as it is…Entertaining as “F” though!

  11. Every episode where the police come, the logo in the police car is always the same. Always a crown Vic. Which very few agencies still use, and same officers. This show is fraud.

  12. You miss the point. The point is they are selling it as real with a tiny disclaimer that it is a reenactment in the credits. They’re suckering you. It’s not an issue of whether it is entertaining. So yes, it’s a fucking bad show for that reason alone.

    There are enough creative fiction shows with good storylines out there that we don’t need fake reality shows.

  13. Why would anyone assume reality tv is real? All it means is that they have little or no production value, no writers and a lot of editing. Why would anyone yell fraud? How exactly are you being cheated? I dont understand. Why does it matter if they say its real and its not? How exactly does that mean its a fraud? Is anyone being ‘damaged’ by believing these shows are actual reality? Come on. You want reality, get up from the tv and look around. That is reality.

  14. Hmm, why would you assume “reality” tv is real? I guess I just look up “reality” in the dictionary. It’s the same way I would assume the “news” is the news unless otherwise stated or we find it’s been made up.

    So many excuses being made for reality TV here. TV is a medium just like print or audio. It doesn’t mean it gets a pass when it makes a claim of being real and it’s faked. We expect to be seeing real life being filmed, even if it is edited in some manner. Otherwise there are plenty of shows from the past that were “reenactment” shows and never claimed to be showing you real time video or tried to trick you into thinking so.

    Parking Wars is real by all reports and by the producer. Why should we expect less of Pawn Stars or WWT? They’ve become popular by bullshitting the public at large. To me, the people in these shows getting rich are just as bad as famous psychics and other con artists.

  15. If you feel cheated by reality tv, you need serious help coping with the reality of reality.

  16. This is such a cop out lame response. The whole point is that why should we let anyone get away with the abuse of the word “reality” by faking their reality shows? And why shouldn’t we call them out on it? I’m not a heavy watcher of reality shows, they’re junkfood that you occasionally indulge in as I’ve mentioned. But if someone says something is real or they’re playing it on “Tru TV” it’s not a far expectation for it to be actually real. I also don’t think every viewer understands these shows are faked.

    I suspect the people who keep posting here, “What’s the big deal?” are the same people who honestly don’t give a shit about truth to begin with. So really, you’re the one who has a problem with reality. It’s all just entertainment including the crap on SyFy such as the ghost hunting “reality” shows as well. If you don’t demand better you’ll continue to get crap. And media, whether you watch it or not, has a dramatic influence on our culture so feel free to encourage the stupidity. I would rather not.

  17. There is no such thing as reality tv. Even the nature shows are staged. TV folks will leave nithing to chance, its all product.

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  20. Very simple. Its fake. Watch when the cops arrive. No patches on their arms. Oh and it says that the show is reinacted.

  21. To begin with, the small print at the end says that the scenes are re-enacted. So the people we see are actors, the houses and apartments are rented sets, the neighbors are not really up in arms or terrified or whatever; which is why nobody objects to the roving camera, nobody lets loose a stringe of really filthy language, and why the star wins all the arguments and fights.
    But I like to think that the stories are somewhat true – maybe not all happen to the same landlord agent, certainly not all the same week (or month or year or city). I miss the show. It was highly entertaining and a good deal closer to reality than Fox News.

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