One thought on “119, Tears

  1. Dear Jeff,

    The REBORN BIBLE 2.0, The 2nd Coming Gospel of the American Rapture, has just been released. I believe you will find this 21st century Good Book for F’Thinkers timely, inspiring, and entertaining.

    “I’ll keep my freedom, my firearms, and my money – you can keep the change!” Before a black community organizer heard it from the GOP Grand Old Pharisees and the T’party deficit cross-carriers on Capital Hill, an unemployed Jewish carpenter heard it 2,000 years ago on Calvary.

    What led God’s country to this déjà vu, and how did things go the 2nd time around? The apocalyptic tale is told The Reborn Bible 2.0, a political satire of the upcoming inside-the-beltway church-state battle — the GOP reborn and the Devil’s Democrats.

    The church-state Armageddon climaxes when Obama, the Magic Negro, and his 47% Takers inherit the Blue Planet with universal health care and free cell phones; while the smitten Maker Mitt, the Mormon angel Moroni, and their Mexican gardeners self-deport to the Red Planet, Mars, on Virgin’s starship, Eve.

    I am the author of four popular trade titles, three from Simon & Schuster, the last, from Citadel/ Kensington. A chapter from The Reborn Bible appears in The Evergreen Review.

    In gratitude for your own righteous heresies, I would be happy to send you the RB 2.0 Amazon paperback. The title is also available on Kindle. Many thanks, Jeff.

    David Comfort

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