2 thoughts on “63, Jesus Christ!

  1. Don’t you find it ironic that unbeleivers take the Lord’s name in vain? If you don’t beleive he exists, why swear by Him?

  2. It can be ironic in some contexts like this, I’m sure. But ultimately it’s swearing much like “Oh Shit” (why invoke poop?). The qualification is that it is offensive on some level and therefore has a taboo quality to be shocking. So really, unbelievers are teasing the believers by callously calling out their god for trivial matters like hitting their thumb with a hammer. It may also just be cultural. Like when someone sneezes we say God Bless You or just Bless You. No one really thinks that stops the devil from claiming a soul that just came out of someone’s nose.

    What actually is ironic is I hear so many Christians use Goddammit and Jesus Christ regularly. I never dared to when I was a Christian.

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