2 thoughts on “70, Are You or Are You Not?

  1. False Dichotomy and Fuzzy Logic, hmmmmm? Wonder what the point was? (blunt force object to the head)

    Our little hero is definitely guilty of such thinking as he tries to work out his growing worldview, but generally speaking agnosticism and atheism are companions–if not the same thing (or at least in my humble opinion). If you can’t know something exists why would you believe in it? And the third alternative is apparently a state of unbelief/belief? Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense that you can stay in a perpetual state of unbelief/belief. Even in what we would call a state of indecision, you’re waiting for somebody to convince you of the claim leaving you in a state of disbelief until further notice–I don’t know if Moroni exists, but no one has given me reason to think he does; therefore, I don’t currently believe in Moroni.

    If the claim were the reverse it may get trickier; a hard atheist position that there are no gods, then what? Are you agnostic in that you say that that claim can’t be made and as a result in a state of unbelief/belief? No, you still don’t believe in any of the available gods, the unavailable ones can’t be believed in yet. You are still saying show me the god and I’ll consider it. An atheist stance.

    Really, the objection seems to come down to the hard position as intellectually speaking it leaves too many questions like what’s the definition of a god? What’s the future definition of a god? But every time it comes back around to a specific god like the Judeo-Christian one or the Mormon one–bam, atheism.

    What is a more honest statement is: Because I do no know, I do not currently believe until further evidence can be reviewed. This is agnostic-atheism, or really we can just shortened it to “atheism” as most atheists feel this way that I’ve talked to and think T.H. Huxley muddled everything up.

    What I would say is that the general public favors the word “agnostic” because they feel it is more open-minded. This is why many people choose to call themselves such and dismiss or avoid the word atheist. I’m not sure how honest that is sometimes and really it just continues the villainization of people who don’t believe in the currently proposed fairytales.

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