Littlest Atheist 2012: The Mystery Gift Revealed

And thus we begin the 2012 series for The Littlest Atheist. The overall title for the series is “The Babysitter Lurks” which is a tribute to another famous kid in the comics if you grew up reading funnies in the late eighties to early nineties.

I’m committed to 3 comic strip updates a week even though I’m snowed under with freelance work right now (it never fails, I always get buried when I don’t want to be). Hopefully looking at Mon, Weds and Fridays, but if you really want to keep track then sign up for my Twitter updates. Just search for Freethunk at

If you haven’t read the 2011 series “Goodie The Gospel Peanut” you may want to start there first. The Littlest Atheist is a continuity comic strip with a mixture of humor, mystery and adventure. Our featured character with the amazingly big hair is Bertrand Wells (but don’t call him Bertie, he hates that).

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