Mp3 Player in Shape of a Cross

Almost every week there is some provider of religious products trying to spam this site and usually I have to trash them but this one today made me laugh. It’s an Mp3 Player with the entire Bible recorded on it from They advertise the following: “Listen To Bible Audio, Enjoy Your Music, and Display Your Faith, Any Time and Any Place, with Your Cross Shaped MP3 Player!”

What a great witness tool and it is also handy in case of vampires.

Isn’t there something sort of blasphemous about making the cross into an Mp3 player? I thought jewelry and T-shirts were bad enough, but using the symbol of the cross for modern gadgets? It seems to take away the classical meaning of the cross. Not that it matters to me. My reasoning is that you dilute the sacred with the ordinary and therefore Christians are doing an injustice to their faith by slapping the cross on anything and everything for sale.

I guess if Christ did die on an Mp3 Player he could at least jam to some music..

2 thoughts on “Mp3 Player in Shape of a Cross

  1. Normally I find it offensive to combine the sacred with the secular. But I have a son in placement at a treatment facility who asked for Christian music on an MP3 to keep him focused on positive things and help keep negative thoughts out of his head. This is perfect….to all things there is a season….

  2. Honestly, if a novelty item makes your kid feel better then go for it. I have loads of corny novelty stuff that I keep around that puts a smile on my face.

    Hope he does well.

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