Arrogant Science

Everybody wants to count science out in regards to the supernatural events in history because the supernatural defies what is “natural.” But why should we take what defies “the natural” seriously in the first place? If someone in the past says they saw a witch turn a kid into a toad then science has nothing to say about that? What science says is that it is not possible and therefore someone is lying or has completely deluded themselves.

We want to allow for new discoveries and new events never witnessed,  but not for old and tired arguments trying to validate magic. Magic is for fiction, enjoy it within your imagination but stop trying to peddle it as truth. There are still plenty of mysteries in the universe to bend your mind without having to resort to the supernatural to make your life seem more meaningful.

So does science have anything to say about the historical claim that Jesus Christ rose from the dead? Yes. People don’t raise from the dead if they are truly dead. It’s a scientific fact.  If we know that now, why should it be any different for the past? Just because someone claims to be God doesn’t mean they are, even if it was 2000 years ago.

2 thoughts on “Arrogant Science

  1. According to the bible, Jesus was only up on the cross for part of a day. You don’t have to think that he rose from the dead — it is entirely possible to survive that sort of treatment, even though it would be “excruciating”.

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