Atheism 101

As much as I’m fascinated by all of the theological arguments for God, it really comes down to this. You can’t disprove something that was never proven to begin with. So make whatever claim you want, but these days we ask for proof–real proof, not fanciful arguments or speculation. And since Christianity is based on faith I’m not even sure why Christians bother with trying to prove God’s existence anyway, otherwise what would be the point of faith?

One thought on “Atheism 101

  1. “Based on faith” really irks me. Like that argument in “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. We do not “need” blind faith. For me, faith that I have is faith in proofs. So I have proof, in that the Biblical prophecy aligns with real events (more information at the website linked), and faith being that I have faith that these proofs will suffice.

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