Church Movies Suck

You’ll notice that I will keep harping on Left Behind. That’s because it’s not going anywhere and will continue as one of the most successful Christian entertainment franchises ever–especially when the movie is remade again.

Do church movies suck? Well, not a fair question. Some do, some don’t but often what sucks are movies that have been stripped clean of anything possibly offensive or unsettling. That is normally what is shown to kids, as if kids are that dumb and don’t seek out R-rated films so they can see all that is forbidden. It may be better to watch quality R-rated films and talk with kids and then discuss them–maybe you can even fast forward through the sexy parts since everyone gets embarrassed. But kids could learn a lot from movies with adult themes–not sex per se, but stories about history, bigotry and controversy are R for words kids hear on the playground every day. You don’t have to approve of it, but let’s not pretend they aren’t familiar with those words.

I’ll tell you, surprisingly enough, as prude as my Dad was about language he did sit us kids down once and explained any swear words we didn’t understand. Then, of course, he explained they were inappropriate. He didn’t want us to be dumb about the realities of the nonChristian world. This from a man, in any other context, I never even heard use the word “hell” or “damn.” Yeah, you think atheists come from homes with bad role models? My Dad was an exemplary Christian and always reasonable in his approach–just irrational on subjects of God and creation.

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