It’s Just Too Complex!

I know Christians will say, “But God is outside of time, therefore He has no beginning…” That is still no explanation, it’s an attempt at explaining away the problem. The problem is if you say complexity is proof of a creator God, then God is the most complex and therefore must also have a creator God–ad infinitum. It’s a dead end.

It doesn’t mean that evolution or The Big Bang is true by default. Science has to provide evidence to support its claims. The question is can theists provide real evidence for God? Doubtful, because again The Bible ultimately resorts to faith in the unseen (or the made-up). The miraculous slowly has disappeared over history due to science and skepticism. Even in our modern culture the word “miracle” has lost its unique definition. Babies being born are “miracles” or doctors curing a disease is a “miracle.” It’s all human effort. If we were to experience the miracles of ancient times we may have a different perspective, but as cool as that would be we know better–mythology is mythology whether it is Jewish, Greek or Roman.

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