The Littlest Atheist Will Return

We have concluded the Goodie the Gospel Peanut storyline and thus the 2011 series. I will be writing a new series and planning it out for 2012 which will start answering some of the background questions such as what happened to Bertrand’s dad and why did Bertrand’s mom go from an atheist to a Christian and we will definitely be opening that mystery box which leads Bertrand into new territory. We’ll also find out more about The Park Monk and how he knows who Bertrand is.

The Littlest Atheist originally started out as a general comic strip, an experiment, but I’m increasingly adding elements associated with storyline comic strips of the past that focused on mystery and adventure. I wasn’t sure I would take it this far, but it keeps calling me back as I keep getting ideas popping in my head. Even though I have a basic framework in my head the story evolves every time I start drawing it again–I want to find out what is going to happen too.

The Goodie storyline will be collected for easier reading on Kindle as well as the past holiday specials. I keep promising myself and you that I will get a guide up for the strip that links all of the online material. I plan to start working on that this week.

If you’re someone who likes freethinking comics or atheist-oriented comic strips please support the feature by linking to it, facebooking it, etc. Also, you don’t have to be an atheist to read The Littlest Atheist. It’s not meant to be a heavy-handed diatribe on the evils of religion, but the kid does occasionally rant (can’t hold in his opinions, much like myself). I read several Christian comics, if the work is good–it’s good, regardless of some of the viewpoints I disagree with. I hope you give it a chance sometime ¬†and comments and feedback are always welcome.

4 thoughts on “The Littlest Atheist Will Return

  1. the little atheist is a top notch comic. I love your art and witty writing. I’ve spread your comic to all my skeptic friends and we cant wait for the next line up.

  2. Well, that’s encouraging to hear. Obviously, choosing to do a comic strip about a kid atheist is going to alienate the vast majority of people but I’m hoping to keep it accessible for anyone willing to give it a chance. I appreciate the support.

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