Tower of Babel Theory

Remember Sunday editions of comics, full color spreads, more panels to tell an idea? I want to do these occasionally with The Littlest Atheist. They are interruptions to the current storyline, a break for artists like myself to fool around more with the artwork instead of having to keep on schedule. Enjoy and there’s a little more commentary below.

Even The Littlest Atheist has to test a theory. You might think this is belief in God but really it is the childish testing of events. According to the Bible, if you build a tower high enough God gets upset–so if you want to see if there is a God, see if you can upset him. The other part of the theory is that if you build a tower high enough everyone will start speaking a different language. Yes, The Littlest Atheist’s theory is disorderly and in the end proves nothing except he gets to hear some words he doesn’t know the meaning of. But you do have to wonder why God hasn’t stopped the building of our skyscrapers and even our efforts into space by increasing our language barriers. Fact is, it would be good proof of the Bible that if you attempted to reach God everyone around you starts speaking in a foreign tongue. Why should it only happen once in ancient times and for a tower that was short by today’s standards? Unless it is a nice fable attempting to explain how languages came about–which we know is far more complicated than a spontaneous moment of new languages.

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