Undead or Living?

I think “Zombie Theology” would be a great field of study!

So is Jesus a zombie or is did he come back to life, because the more I thought about it there could be a difference between “raising from the dead” and “coming back to life,” as noted by the previous reader on the last strip. I’m going to do a search when I have time for how the Bible phrases it. The wounds still present a problem though. We’re not talking scars, Doubting Thomas put his hand into Jesus’ side. The author’s intention seems to be that the spear wound was left “as is” so wouldn’t any new blood bleed out if he was actually living? Or is it possible to have a hole in your side scarred over internally somehow and be able to function as a human? I don’t know.

I know the typical answer would be “supernatural” but I don’t think it’s sufficient because again, how is that coming back to life if you keep yourself in a supernatural state. The coming back to life could be a supernatural event, but if Jesus didn’t want to heal his body so he had evidence of hanging on the cross then he’s really just animating his earthly body, like a zombie.

By the way, while this idea was more spontaneous, I don’t want our hero to have all the answers. He’s going to struggle, just like any kid would.

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